Welcome the new Reality in Education

Mixed reality is improving learning outcomes and transforming education with new affordable tools and devices that increase student engagement and expand student reach.

Better Learning Outcomes

With mixed reality, educators can simplify complex disciplines such as anatomy, molecular chemistry, architectural design, and more by enabling students to better understand core concepts through spatial visualization. HoloLens has proven to be effective at improving knowledge retention, enabling students to learn in 3D and easily collaborate with other students and teachers to get the support they need. Educators and students are shifting to new education models with less direct instruction, an increase in remote collaboration, and more self-directed learning. HoloLens and mixed reality applications can be great tools for supporting these new education paradigms.

Innovate Classroom Learning

Maximize learning time in the classroom by enabling students to visualize training and concepts in 3D while promoting greater collaboration between educators and students. Foster passion for learning and creativity by enabling students to learn at their own pace inside and outside the classroom with HoloLens. Mixed reality gives educators more options to enhance their curriculum and the classroom experience via visual instruction and discussion aids.

Empower students to achieve more

Every student, including those with learning difficulties, can benefit from mixed reality. Educators, parents, and communities can build personalized learning experiences for those who need it the most. With mixed reality, educators can deliver interactive learning experiences to students no matter their location or the devices they use. Mixed reality can empower students to learn better and faster, equipping them with the knowledge they can immediately apply.