Welcome the new Reality in Healthcare

Mixed reality is empowering providers, payors, and health science experts to reimagine healthcare by accelerating diagnoses and reducing time-to-care, enabling personalization and improving outcomes.

Empower your care teams

Use mixed reality to superimpose 3D views of MRI images and CT scans to assist specialists and surgeons before and during surgery—improving precision and reducing the need for additional interventions. Multidisciplinary care teams encompassing specialized clinicians, clinical staff, and healthcare administrators often span multiple hospitals or locations, adding time, cost and complexity to patient care. Enable care teams to collaborate remotely and conduct virtual patient consultations with real-time spatial information to accelerate diagnoses and reduce time-to-treatment.

Innovating Healthcare

Enable innovative telehealth solutions to improve care coordination, expand provider access, and address skill shortages. Provide faster and better care at lower costs by deploying mixed reality before, during, and after procedures. Leverage mixed reality to enable continuous learning and widespread knowledge sharing. Doctors, nurses, technicians can train and practice using simulated training, ensuring the entire organization keeps pace with advances in science and technology.

Enhancing Patient Experience

Empower doctors and clinicians to rapidly share imaging results, better contextualize physician-patient conversations, and drive more informed patient decision-making—improving quality of care and the patient experience. Equip frontline healthcare workers to improve access and care delivery to aging and underserved populations with assisted care options. Enable individualized treatment plans, accelerated clinical diagnoses, and improve outcomes with HoloLens 2 and mixed reality applications.