Apps & Mobility

In this digital age business happens anywhere anytime. We are no longer tied to our desks.
Just like Uber has transformed transportation and Airbnb has done it to hospitality, we believe every business is going to be disrupted.
We see ourselves as a trusted digital partner for our customers.
We understand your business and context, and we can imagine and design the right solution which is available to everyone on mobiles, pads or notebooks. Or we might just identify an optimum solution available on the planet and configure it for your needs.

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The lifecycle of mobility

Mobility starts with understanding the business context and identifying the business problems. It allows you to become smarter through technological means. To achieve this edge, we work with close partnership with our customers to give them the right device and the right solution. We provide cost effective, right fit devices with pre-configured custom apps built on android or iOS based devices. We enable change by providing endpoint support.


  • App development - Line of business | Specific Industry | Custom apps for consumers
  • Proof of concept - Choice of right device | Benchmarking and Policies | Pilot Deployment
  • Deployment - Custom | Preloaded Enterprise Apps | Seamless delivery | Training
  • Device management - User Interface & Experience | Support & Remote management | End user support

Mobility reduces the time between processes and increases efficiency. The goal for us is to allow customers to have a smart and easy experience which enables their core business.


  • Banking - Reduce account opening time | Faster loan disbursements | Productivity on the go | Trade/ Forex on the go
  • Pharmaceuticals - More calls per day per sales rep | Efficient discussions with physicians | Right message & Real-time reporting | Better recall from physicians
  • Insurance - Shorten policy issuance cycle | Faster claims settlement | Productivity enhancement | Channel management on the go
  • Manufacturing - Product portfolio on the rise | Track order, service details | Training & productivity increase | Facilitate dealer inventory
  • Consumer goods - Delivery notifications | Scheduling, pull out pricing, display | Productivity upscaling | Order tracking

Enterprise Applications

We have competence in Microsoft dynamics, both in navision ERP and CRM systems and have successfully implemented more than a 100 projects.

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Human resource management system (HRMS)
  • Document management system (DMS)

Mobility & Computing solutions

From selecting the right android, Google chrome, iOS device or a notebook which runs the desired version of operating system.

  • Desktop/ Notebook/ Thinclient
  • PDA/ Smartphone/ Tablets
  • iPads, iPhones
  • Chromebooks

A bank account opening time got reduced from
4 days to 8 hours!

- With regard to a leading bank

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