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Corporate etiquettes, customer-centricity, communication skills - know-hows in these topics were imparted to a batch of 25 installation engineers of INS. The sessions carried over for 3 days. Successful it was - we now are geared to taking this on

Between August 2017 and November 2017, nine training sessions of G Suite and Basic and Advanced Excel trainings were organised. These have resulted in simplification of routine work and a productivity hike in Team's members. External trainers conferred these coaching

An all-day event where the new recruits in the organisation are welcomed by the rest of the team. Breaking the ice, Team culture introductions, sharing fun through various activities - joyful times for all concerned, every 45 day occurrences.

20 million trees cut down every year, worldwide, to just cater to our demand for paper cups! Not done, is it? This Christmas, we decided to stop using paper cups, entirely. We now use beautiful ceramic ones - all 1800

How many pieces of clothing do we actually use, of what we en masse? Also, how many people do we see around us, who can't afford basic requirements to cover their bodies from the elements? This Republic day, we

The leadership group of Team Computers get together to share cross-BU joint go-to accounts and numbers. Serious, severe sessions, these are. Cross BU leverages are shared and concluded, Account details exchanged, time-bound numbers which are to be achieved, reiterated and

One event we are really pleased to have pulled off. It was a hackathon which was for making the smartest dashboards using Qlik Sense. 12 hours of nail-biting excitement and concentration led to the moment of glory and handsome cash

The North Chapter kick-started the one at South. It was a huge success too. We had specific fun activities planned which ensured that nobody was short of smiles. Ranjan Chopra, Managing Director Team Computers, put the purpose of the event in

The figure we are targeting as revenue, happens to be 2000 crores. It's one of our Sales and Services mission. A lot of iteration on best practices, leader-speak, experience sharing, target setting and team belonging ensued. But as Mahesh Tomar, Head