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  • 06th June, 2017
  • Mumbai

Retail CEO, Go digital!

Reinvent the in-store business with Google Digital Signage.

Digital footprints actually influence 50% of all sales.

Review this scenario -

  • In the beginning, there was a store, a general store and then a supermarket.
  • The manufacturers were kings here.
  • Mid 2000s, came e-commerce, where retailers took over the market control.
  • Now, retailers are not selling 'things' anymore; they are selling the 'experience' of buying those things. So, one needs to be able to curate that experience and be connected all the time with the customer who is 'always on'.

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  • 18th May, 2017
  • Delhi

Accelerating the content value chain of Media & Entertainment industry by Google Cloud

Post by Google Team

Media and Entertainment companies need to deliver content faster than ever before, and in more formats, to keep up with rapidly-changing consumer demands.

In the past, this industry was able to adapt at a more reasonable pace, as consumers evolved from reading newspapers to radio, then television. With the world going digital - and social - information is now disseminated in milliseconds. The internet, smartphones and tablets are just the tip of the iceberg, soon wearables will make it possible for consumers to be "Always On."

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  • 15th May, 2017
  • Delhi

Secure your sensitive corporate data by using Google DLP - G Suite

Post by Google Team

  • How do you prevent sensitive data from leaving your network when employees have access to webmail?
  • How do you stop contractors from downloading data to their laptop and walking out the door?
  • Even more problematic, how do you stop that data leakage when thumb drives have gigs of storage capacity, while bearing in mind that portable music players can also be used to store data files?
  • How do you make sure that data from the ‘90s isn’t sitting forgotten on the network?

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  • 29th March, 2017
  • New Delhi

Simple, secure and affordable business mail and collaboration - G Suite

Post by Google Team

Reach your goal faster with G Suite.

The email offering within G SUITE is simply a business version of Gmail. No training is needed for current Gmail users. You may or may not be fully aware of the extent of your free Gmail account functionality. Read More

  • 15th Jan, 2017
  • New Delhi

Exclusive Session on Transforming your Business - The Google Way

Post by Google Team

Breaking the traditional culture and paving a brand new way was what Team Computers and Google did, one evening.

In an exclusive session held on 16th March 2016 in Kolkata on Google Apps for Work, word was established that the Google Way is a cloud based productivity suite for Communication, Collaboration and Management. Read More

  • 31th March, 2017
  • New Delhi

Transform through the disruptive Google Cloud technology

CIOs believe, digital transformation can be achieved reinventing business

Post by Google Team

The world is evolving faster and faster and so is technology. To remain competitive companies have to embrace the technological change to transform their business. For doing that a disruption is imperative in the already established processes and more importantly mindsets. It basically means moving to Google Cloud.

What any CIO needs to see is that the pace of change for IT is driven by employee demand for consumer technologies, combined with the opportunities they present for business transformation. One can’t rely on the old change management cycles. If you can’t move at the pace of change, you’ll always lag behind. Read More

  • 18th April, 2017
  • New Delhi

Build a Culture of Innovation with Google Cloud

Invite Ideas | Inspire Thinking | Collaborate | Grow

Post by Google Team

G Suite helps to innovate and work in any organization.

For most businesses, innovation means understanding processes and what their products have to offer and then focusing on what to change and innovate on. The implementation of the innovation almost always becomes an IT project.

Leading organizations have recognized this linkage.

Hence obviously if IT can be deployed, configured, and adapted faster, it will spur innovation.

Adopting cloud-based IT in various forms is an important factor in accelerating innovation. Read More

  • 5th Feb, 2017
  • New Delhi

Save productive business hours by leveraging Machine Learning in Google Cloud

Post by Google Team

Spend less time in typing, switching between apps to get things done, build smarter forms and find relevant information

Today, Google Cloud users across industries — from financial services and healthcare to retail, web services and media and entertainment — now have mightier machine learning models at their disposal through our growing number of intelligent apps and cloud services. Read More

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