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With the increasing changes and challenges in the market, it is extremely important to keep up with the pace of modernization. Fortunately enough, G Suite aims to drive transformations across organizations, promote cultures of collaboration and empower employees to rethink

The customer demand is evolving with every passing day, today customer demands modernization, flexibility, scalability and whatnot, all at their door-step. But is the demand being met with adequate supply? Digital transformation is currently ruling over every industry with a mutual

Every organization’s aim is to deliver value to its customers in real-time, but for this vision of the organizations to turn into reality we need a foundational change! And this foundational change in today’s time is Digital Transformation. No success

Walking along with the pace of technology is not a trend but a means to survive this tech-driven world today! But the success of this new vision of industries is only possible if the users are satisfied, both customers and

SAP — at the core of your enterprise — faces several potential threats that can paralyze your business. Only a good contingency plan can save the day. Do your business-critical applications, say ERP or CRM, run on SAP? That’s a good