What is Scheme Analytics?

The pandemic has provided unexpected challenges and opportunities for innovation in the industrial business. Team Computers can help you react to today’s changing business environment and confidently think about the future with the help of scheme management.

A transparent and efficient process that assists in distributing sales incentives to trade partners by analyzing sales data.

Why is it essential in Manufacturing Industries?

This new feature gives you a solid framework for recording information about a collection of connected initiatives and opportunities. Scheme Analytics connects possibilities, including their connected relationships, organizations, and activities, under a unified platform.

Scheme dashboards can be used as command centers for massive, more significant projects than a single opportunity or customer.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity in the manufacturing industry. To create a solid addition for our Scheme Management program, Team Computers worked closely with the client in the manufacturing industries.

With the Scheme Management Program by Team Computers:

  • Obtain a comprehensive picture of reliability across people, locations, and processes.
  • Gather, evaluate, and act on customer feedback.
  • Identify, prioritize, and characterize concerns with warranty and service performance.
  • Also, manage your supply chain in an integrated, market-driven manner.

What are some of the key challenges?

  • Market conditions are constantly changing, so what works in one area/product may not work in another.
  • Trade Partners must develop the right plans to win market share as multi-brand retailers.
  • Targets are the driving force behind the Sales Incentives and meddled with on the go.
  • Schemes are created regularly and involve a variety of parties.
  • In terms of compensation, there is a lack of transparency and compliance.
  • The system is mainly based on Excel, with many versions circulating.

But, now, Scheme managers may track their sales teams’ actions against their scheme goals and maximize scheme value by keeping an overview of the performance of their schemes’ goals at a glimpse. It will result in practical benefits, such as increased sales, sales incentive management, and cost control.

Process Flow Making the process efficiently using analytics

  1. Budget Creation: Making this budget creation lets you know ahead of time if you will have enough money to do the things you need or want to do. Budgeting is simply the process of matching your expenses and revenue.
  2. Scheme Creation: Following that, create a scheme or a plan that has the plan of action, designated roles, goals to be achieved, and other key metrics.
  3. Scheme Distribution: Distribute the scheme created to effectively allocate the resources and designated roles. Keep a check on the progress and send routine feedback.
  4. Automated Payout Calculation: Control the automated payout timeline for your linked accounts. Now no manual efforts are required to maintain calculations and reduce the chances of errors.
  5. Exception Management: Streamline the entire management procedure via exception submission, exception approval, and directly move to process the finance and settle all the creditors’ accounts.
  6. Payout Processing: Instantly settle all the pending payments. The payout processing is streamlined, and accounts get settled on time.

Why Team Computers?

Today’s manufacturing leaders are innovators, pioneering increasingly sophisticated means of producing and transporting physical items while looking beyond performance, cost reductions, and reducing risk. Manufacturers are leveraging technology to become flexible, AI-driven businesses that minimize risk and capture possibilities via profound operational perceptions and predictive decision making to survive in the future.

Team Computers as one of the preferred partners has helped multiple top companies in their digital journey to optimize production operations for low cost and risk while leveraging advanced analytics as a resource that enables you to create new services and high-quality goods achievable only in a connected economy. We provide proven value. And we can assist you in realizing the tremendous potential of your digitalization.

With Team Computers, you can:

Achieve Manufacturing Excellence

  • Increase the yield and throughput of your production.
  • Enhance the quality of the final result.
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and equipment breakdowns, as well as the costs associated with them.

Well-Connected Organization

  • Processes should be improved, as well as business reliability.
  • Predict upkeep difficulties and save money by avoiding costly breakdowns.
  • Boost your performance and the efficiency of your equipment as a whole (OEE).

Reduction of Warranty Costs

  • Reduce the expense of warranties.
  • Improve the quality of the product and the level of consumer happiness.
  • Increase the profitability of service contracts.

Optimization of the Supply Chain

  • Recognize demand signs that imply market shifts quickly.
  • Adapt your supply chain to demand swings more quickly.
  • Easy distributor and dealer management.
  • Inventory, waste, and expenditures are all reduced, while customer satisfaction is increased.

Moreover, we offer “one-on-one” instruction on video calls and screen sharing to assist you in getting started quickly and easily with our website along with onsite support if needed. Get  timely responses to any questions you may have from our pool of certified resources.


With the help of advanced analytics platforms built on a robust, cloud-native framework, you can enable digitization and drive innovation in your manufacturing industry.
Team Computers has it all.

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