The Keycopter Customer Portal with Liferay, launched by Airbus is here to digitalise its customer experience like never before

The digital landscape of industries is changing with almost every passing day, it’s been a digital transformation mainly driven by the demands of the evolving customers. Manufacturers who have never had first- hand access are dramatically investing indirect relationships with their end customers and are willing to bind their employees’ suppliers, dealers and partners in an integrated network to provide their customers with world-class digital experiences. And Airbus is on its way of doing so with Liferay. 

Over 3,000 civil and military operators rely on Airbus helicopters since they have the right product to handle any and all the missions. In 2016 this division of the Airbus group turned to Liferay to get their customer portal re-designed and named it Keycopter. They wanted to come up with a platform that could bring efficiency and autonomy to helicopter operators and help them keep their aircraft in good condition.

  • The portal was designed to improve the customer journey by optimizing access to information and services in a way in which customers operate their helicopters and not the way in which AIRBUS is organised. 
  • There was a need to introduce a reliable and robust permission management process. 
  • It had several third-party heterogeneous business applications which were to be integrated and the time to market was to be improved.

All these challenges faced by Airbus Helicopters were solved by Liferay’s Customer portal alone. Customer Portal built with Liferay provides a seamless and personalized customer journey bringing in next-generation customer experience and value. 

How the Keycopter Customer Portal with Liferay makes user journey interactive and simplified?

Liferay DXP comes packed with features to create tailored journeys that match customers’ unique needs, It is very essential to maintain long-term customer relationships. The personalized Dashboards enhances customer experience and instils a sense of satisfaction in them. 

  1. Audience Targeting – Airbus Helicopters has enhanced its electronic file format to one single PDF file for its Flight Manual (FML). This benefits the customer with simplified handling and easier navigation within the manual. Customers who have the eTechpub subscription will automatically receive the enhanced FML from time to time, thereby optimizing maintenance task and delivering content in real-time based on customer attributes and activities. 
  2. Role-based content delivery – Making the most of team’ expertise, the operator can submit a request which is called as TE. The Technical request ( TE ) service is to provide sustained value for the customers. You just have to fill in a light form in order to log a TE making it user-friendly and efficient. This allows you to claim your warranty electronically by contacting the team responsible for it through the form itself, thereby saving time and improving efficiency. Liferay DXP allows for multiple user types to access a single URL and see a unique page view depending on the user role, group, and preferences.
  3. Dashboards – The Keycopter page includes a new Dashboard Page that gathers all the information in one place from shortcuts, to key data, to favourite helicopters. Customers can now work per aircraft and not per service with the coming of personalized dashboards. It enables a lot of new features like purchasing spare parts, tracking orders, quotations, and online invoices. By consolidating existing systems in personalized dashboards the customers get only the relevant information as per their needs. 
  4. Mobile Responsive – the Customer Portal made the website compatible with all web, tablet and mobile devices very conveniently. Liferay DXP CSS framework is designed to work with browsers on all platforms. 

How was the Role and Permission Management Process improved with Liferay’s Portal solution?

  1. Self-service Account Management – Transversal functionalities such as customer account management, initial contact, and notifications made the process very simplified for Airbus, the customers can keep a track of their account details on their own without relying on any team representative, edit their personal information, and close accounts on their own. 
  2. Permissions – Site Administrators have the ability to define what customers can view and access. Not all the information is to be disclosed to the customers, the Portal managers were able to have a hold over the website with this feature of the Keycopter Portal. Custom permissions applied at a global level or to individual sites by portal managers enable a great control. 
  3. Single Sign-On –  The SSO process was optimized and browsing was organized by helicopter fleet to break down silos between the services. This made the process more reliable, and efficient, providing safety and better quality. All the sites used by the customers were united under one login and password with the help of the customer Portal.

How to get the third-party Applications Integrated?

Airbus Helicopters wishes to move towards a Single platform and collect activity data on the other portals as well in order to create a more customized experience for its customers. It has two other portals for its employees and partners, that it wants to integrate on a single digital platform to call for effective customer engagement. Liferay DXP customer portal provides fields to easily add other third-party tools through customization so that they can serve your customers together. It allows you to maintain your existing IT investments simultaneously taking advantage of Liferay’s modern platform.

Thus, With the Keycopter Customer Portal, Airbus Helicopters have successfully overcome all the challenges coming in their way of Digital Transformation. Delivering an excellent user experience with the best coherent services, 24/7 accessibility and an unmatched gain in productivity with the installation of this Customer Portal.

Customer – The Heart of Business

For any business to be successful today the ability to reach audiences touchpoints is imperative. All the hype for improving customer experience isn’t for nothing. Once the businesses get it right, the payoff is phenomenal. Airbus Helicopters is just one out of several others who have reached this milestone of an extraordinary digital experience for its customers with Liferay, but there are many more who are sailing in the same boat and have made a mark for themselves.

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Disclaimer: The information within this case study is based on facts, research, and recent achievements of Airbus and Liferay solely. This is in no relation to any work done by Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.