“Big Data is just Data”

Wish to learn new skills? Want to connect with smart people? Get blaze trails? Are you living and breathing the data? Or are you starting out the big data process? Qonnections is the place to be, has insight has the knowledge and the inspiration that you won’t find anywhere else!

Qlik is the leading data analytics platform and the pioneer of user-driven business intelligence. Its portfolio of cloud-based and on-premise solutions meets customers’ growing needs from reporting and self-service visual analysis to guided, embedded and custom analytics, regardless of where data is located.

With this listing out to you the five initiations at Qlik Qonnections 2019!

1. Qlik Associative Big Data Index

The QABDI (in short) is a product for handling Big Data and follows the approach of ‘taking Qlik to the Data rather than bringing Data to Qlik’. Deployable on Qlik Cloud Services/ Private or Public Cloud or On-Prem in Script, ODAG, and Live (in the roadmap) Mode in a Dockerized Environment, it helps create an in-memory index on Big Data for fast analytics on Qlik Sense visualization layer. Available as yet only for Parquet files as source dataset.

Use cases :
Discovery in the data lake.

Issue billions of transaction details, want to allow users to do the basic selection on larger volumes with near real-time support.
Solution: A basic selection based analytical applications to deliver value from a cloud-based data lake.

Enhancement to existing qlik sense environment.

Can’t satisfy all use cases as development time doesn’t match SLA’s and the volume is growing.
Solution: Allows users to drill into details with Hadoop lake.

2. Gain Greater Insights Into Your Production With Machinery Sensor Data.

The session showcased how Qlik has been deployed as a Smart Manufacturing solution to alert the Preventive Maintenance and malfunctioning of machinery in a Paper Printing Factory with data from IoT devices collected every second into a database and refreshed in the Qlik Dashboard every minute.

Another use case was Retail Footfall Analysis to classify customers as ‘Dwellers’ and ‘Passerbys’ by capturing the cameras data and integrating with POS and CRM data.

3. Secrets of Qlik Architect

The Qlik Sense architecture consists of one or more nodes. Each node runs some or all of the software services that perform specific roles in a Qlik Sense site. You can distribute services across nodes for better performance and scalability. The architecture is flexible enough to suit the needs of most organizations and can vary from small, single-server sites to large, multi-server installations.

A multi-node, distributed architecture offers the most flexibility, consisting of multiple nodes that together form a scalable and high-performance site. You define a central node as the main point of control.

4. Getting Started with Qlik Core

Qlik Core caters to the customers’ embedding needs from simple to complex using the platform’s core to allow embedding in devices, thereby pushing analytics at the edge in IoT environments.

Qlik offers QDT Components, OSS Github, Ionic, and PreSales Github to speed up the development. A sample development using Qlik Core, with the integration of OpenWeather data, ingested into Qlik Engine using Enigma.js and visualization using HighCharts.

5. Qlik with Attunity

In a world increasingly reliant on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, seamlessly moving data in real-time across multiple cloud environments and data lakes has become a business-critical issue. With Attunity, Qlik will provide customers with an expanded enterprise data management solution to transform their raw data into a governed, analytics-aware information resource.
“Attunity strength in real-time data delivery across complex cloud environments will uniquely position Qlik to help customers lead with data and align their enterprise analytics strategy,”
Attunity provides cross-platform data streaming capabilities to support a shift to cloud and real-time analytics. This acquisition further differentiates Qlik by providing an expanded breadth of enterprise data management capabilities and adds an experienced team of data professionals. Consistent with Qlik’s vision for 3rd generation business intelligence, a strong data management strategy creates the foundation for an enterprise analytics strategy that drives insights and transforms organizations.