Each of the devices is powerful on its own, but it’s how the ecosystem works together that makes Apple’s products and platforms so effective for businesses. When you use a Mac or any other Apple device, you’re able to do incredible things. And when you use them together, you can do so much more. Apple makes the hardware, operating system and developer tools, and makes sure everything works at scale. This comprehensive, end-to-end control provides stability and security that other, fragmented platforms cannot. Because they’re designed to work together from the ground up, Apple devices have an unparalleled update story, and a powerful, secure and simple user experience that differentiates Apple from all other platforms.

Powerful hardware. Powerful results.

Phone Mac, now answering the call.

Take iPhone calls on your Mac. You can answer a call or dial a new one while your iPhone is buried in your backpack or even charging in another room. Just point, click and say hello.

Intuitive, familiar interface

SMS More ways to get your message across.

With a Mac and iPhone, you can send and receive SMS text messages — the ones in green bubbles — directly from your Mac. All the messages that appear on your iPhone appear on your Mac too, so all your conversations are up to date on all your devices. And when friends text you — regardless of what phone they have — you can respond from your Mac or your iPhone, whichever is closest.2 You can also start an SMS or iMessage conversation on your Mac by clicking a phone number in Safari, Contacts, Calendar or Spotlight.

Compatible with existing systems.

Handoff Start it here. Finish it there.

Say you start writing a report on your iMac but you want to continue on your iPad as you head to your meeting. Or maybe you start writing an email on your iPhone but you want to finish it on your Mac. Handoff makes it possible. When your Mac and iOS devices are near each other, they can automatically pass what you’re doing from one device to another.3 An icon representing the last app you were using will appear on your second device — in the Dock on your Mac or on your iOS device. Just click or swipe to pick up exactly where you left off without having to search for the file. Handoff works with Mail, Safari, Notes, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Contacts. And app developers can easily build Handoff into their apps.

Secure by design

Auto Unlock with Apple Watch Log in before you even sit down.

Automatically log in to your Mac when you’re wearing your Apple Watch. No password typing required. Need to take a quick call or step away? Get straight back to work when you return.

A smart investment

Universal Clipboard Copy on one device. Paste on another.

Copy images, video or text from an app on your iPhone. Then paste into another app on your nearby Mac — or vice versa. There are no extra steps. Just copy and paste as you normally do. Find a great recipe while browsing on your Mac? Paste the ingredients directly to the grocery list on your iPhone or on another Mac. You can even copy and paste entire files between two Mac systems.

Streamlined deployment and management.

AirDrop Sharing files has never been easier.

AirDrop makes sharing files between Mac and iOS devices simple. With just a few clicks on your Mac, you can take a file from any folder and use AirDrop to send it to a nearby Mac or iOS device. And since AirDrop is peer to peer, it works without a Wi-Fi network. It’s perfect for, say, sharing a document with a co-worker in the next room or sending a presentation to a client across the table. You can use AirDrop to send files from the Share menu in your apps and from the Finder. Recipients will receive a notification, which they can simply click to download the file.

A smart investment

Instant Hotspot Just like that, you’re online.

No Wi-Fi? No problem. With Instant Hotspot, your Mac can remotely activate the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone when they are near each other.4 Simply select your iPhone from the Wi-Fi menu on your Mac and you’ll be online in seconds. You can even leave your iPhone in your pocket or bag. When connected to your Personal Hotspot, your Mac displays the signal strength and battery life of your iPhone at the top of the Wi-Fi menu. After you finish browsing, the hotspot automatically deactivates to preserve battery life. The next time you want to get online and there’s no Wi-Fi, your Mac will ask you if you want to use your hotspot again. Just click OK to get online.