With Several startups and unicorns blooming in the modern-day industry, every aspiring startup needs to use the best technology and devices to upscale their work and increase their productivity. Here we take a look at how Apple can transform and drive business operations to a level of success not possible without digitization.


For startups, connecting, working upon, and sharing data are extremely important. When it comes to collaboration, Apple devices are highly effective, with data easily transferred from iPad to Mac to iPhone. New devices can also be seamlessly integrated into an already working ecosystem with different environments. Apple devices are designed to work with every all possible business roles such as marketing, HR functions to different Industries verticals like Banking, Healthcare, all capable of working smoothly in one ecosystem.


Coding and Development

For small businesses with large coding needs, you’ll find Apple to be the right choice for your developers and engineers. Compatibility again comes into the fray here as software developers can easily test and create software for Windows and Linux on an Apple device while it is quite cumbersome to test for MacOS X from a Windows or Linux PC. Also, most Mac devices are made to be compatible with Unix, hence making it easier for Developers who use Mac to test their software in a compatible environment, thus saving time and effort.

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Apple’s revolutionary M1 chip has taken the industry by storm, improving your workforce productivity with 3.5x faster processor speed as compared to previous generations. The M1 helps Apple Macbooks easily run CPU-intensive applications such as Adobe Premiere and Photoshop with zero lag while maintaining an excellent battery life of over 18 hours. Apple’s iPad Pro brings convenience to a whole new level, fitting your favorite everyday business tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, on an ultra-thin light device, allowing you to easily give stunning presentations on the go.

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Easy Management and Zero Touch deployment

Apple allows for an easy management with zero-touch deployment as Apple Devices can be easily set up right out of the box at any scale. Apple Business Manager & JamF solutions help set up, distribute, and manage your Apple devices according to your company compliances.MDM solutions like Jamf Soti, also provide you with the best device management platform customized to your business needs.



With Data Security being a crucial concern for startups, Apple offers you several solutions such as Touch ID, hardware-based encryption, Face ID, and many more key features that can all be enabled without extensive manual configuration. Apple devices also have encryption features that safeguard your company’s data and in case of data damage or theft allows you to completely wipe your data from your system remotely.


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