The future lies with cyber wars.

How will wars be fought in the future? Will they be the same as today? No! The content of wars will take a 360-degree turn with the introduction to cyber wars.

According to a report released by Wired, cyberattacks are more prevalent and occur quite frequently. They are dangerous and hybrid at the same time. Cyber-attacks may occur online; however, their repercussions are no longer limited to the online world. They pose real-world threats. As cyberattacks take the front seat, the term cyber warfare has emerged as a saviour in these tough times.

Cyberware mainly involves computer-based attacks whose major purpose is to attack another computer which leads to disturbance in the real-world scenario. In December 2015, the Russian hackers played havoc with the electricity of more than 225,000 Ukrainian civilians. Later in 2016, the Russian hackers deranged the electricity of Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, for more than an hour.

Looking at the examples, many may think cyberwars may not be as violent as the Russia-Ukraine war; however, Steinberg mentioned real-world consequences only worsen with time.

Inside the future of the Cyber Wars

As conventional wars, cyberwars have no ground rules, nor are there limits or boundaries of humanism. If we talk about the definition of cyberwar or legal cyber warfare, there is no clear definition of it. However, it is clear that cyberwar targets the military and might disturb financial systems, water distribution systems, hospitals, gas pipelines, and even human lives.

The civilian sectors remain vulnerable to attacks since these systems are generally poorly maintained, outdated, and unmatchable. Not just this, the cyberattacks will most likely not have physical targets wherein the cyberespionage enters. Similar to cyberattacks, cyber espionage also has civilian targets. The cyberworld can go to a larger extent; there are no ground rules.

Today companies require cyber resilience. Business resilience can be described as a company’s ability to modify and adapt the way it executes business operations data after quickly recovering following a disruptive event or having the business continuity or plan handy. A cyber-resilient company can comparatively and easily respond and recover from the past cyber-attacks and bounce back efficiently in no time.


The war between Ukraine and Russia is still continuous; however, its results are indeed Heart wrenching. The future of wars lies in Cybersecurity.Team computers is a bridge between business needs and the world of IT solutions. For any business, data is fuel. We understand your needs. Identify-Integrate-Support High quality and affordable IT infra Solutions in Hardware. For more such articles, visit us!