On 19th June ‘22, we at Team Computers achieved two milestones – we turned 35 years young & been certified as a Great Place to Work!

Well, here we stand, winning big. Together! It just feels like yesterday- what started as a 20-member-company, is now growing stronger with more than 3,500 members, and with a turnover of 2000+ crores!

And we’re not stopping here. For the past 35 years, Team Computers has been on a transformational journey led by our team, and this influential change has helped Team Computers get certified by Great Place to Work, in 2022.

Because of you – our partners and our members who have been with us every step of the way! You acted as advisors and collaborators; critics and cheerleaders. Your feedback is a gift. Because of you, Team Computers has emerged as a leading IT Infrastructure and Information Solution Provider in the last three decades.

More Than a Feeling: What Being a Certified Great Place to Work Means to Us

We, at Team Computers, take pride in our great company culture, and this certification is a mark of true sportsmanship, culture, and team spirit within an organization.

As we are turning 35 years young, the great place to work certification is so much more than just a feather in our cap – it’s a true reflection of how Team Computers operates behind the scenes and how our employees feel working here.

As a company, we strive to create an environment that reflects our excellence, teamwork, and passion. More than a saying, it’s this certification that holds the utmost value in terms of employee reliability. The Great Place to Work Certification is the mark of great employee experience and is basically an undeniable proof that we’ve successfully created a nourishing environment for employees to work in and feel motivated throughout their journey, thus elevating our status by measuring the workplace culture through anonymous employee surveys.

Our Robust Workplace Culture and Organizational Prowess

At Team Computers, we always strive to create a cohesive environment that ensures our creative and innovative minds feel motivated, appreciated, and engaged at work. As Team Computers continue to grow, new team members get the opportunity to bring their skills and ideas to the table! That means, there’s an opportunity to take on leadership roles, pioneer new practices, and grow with the business over time.

Our People | Culture | Passion

In short, that’s why Team Computers is officially certified as a “Great Place to Work”!

Here’s to many more achievements this year, and in the years to come.