Eureka Forbes Limited is an Indian multinational consumer goods company based out of Mumbai, India.

The organization had been using a traditional emailing solution with no collaboration tools across the organization. Telephonic phone calls were the go-to means for all communication. It was also a task to have emails on mobile phones and desktops synchronized at all times. For employees, setting up recurring team meetings was also a big hassle and mostly limited to managers and above-level only. This led to a lot of to and fro in day-to-day operations further bringing the productivity down.

As a partner, Team Computers helped Eureka Forbes embark on their Cloud Journey. Once decided the total time of migration was mere 3 months for 2900+ users. To enable collaboration and communication, Google Workspace was the chosen platform being highly secured for enterprises and trusted by 6 million users already.

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Features like “Google Chat” and “Google Meet” were extremely well seeped in to connect and collaborate on projects. With editors like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, real-time editing, and commenting were possible, maintaining a single version of the truth all the time. Using Meet, the control was in the hands of the organizer, to set up meetings as needed without any limitations. Features like Recording the meetings, host controls and picture-in-picture mode help get more out of these meetings. The power of mobility, access to your data, and work from anywhere was a real game changer at Eureka.

“Mobility is one of the best features of Google Workspace. Whether it be from the office desk, driving seat, or our couch, we can now resume our work from where we left hours ago, anytime, anywhere on our mobile phone. Google Workspace has truly empowered our workforce to go hybrid and collaborate better.”


CIO and SVP Eureka Forbes Ltd

Khushru M. Mistry