Well the most trending topic these days is Pegasus! With so many News Channels and these news doing rounds, Pegasus is the most searched topic and the trending one.

Spyware is a malicious software designed to enter your computer device/phones etc, to gather data about you, and forward it to a third-party (servers) without your consent secretly. You will not even come to know how, when, from where this got installed in your devices and since when your data is being under surveillance of third parties. The data could be anything that can be accessed through your device, calls, camera, location, social media surfing everything.

It  affects your network and device performance, slowing down daily user activities, which goes unnoticed.

Pegasus was also a spyware designed by an Israel based organisation to keep a check on spurious activities if any going on around. But here in India it was misused.

Now, How to know If your phone has any such spyware installed without your consent.

Well, such softwares is still being developed, but to a basic level, keep check on your history of surfing, keep an eye on URLs, a minute difference in known URLs can also be a point to raise alarm.

Your device showing up some weird behavior should also be flagged immediately. Check for MSCONFIG, Temp Folder and Install any anti malware to do a scanning.

The best way to check for spyware is by scanning your device with anti malware software. The software deep scans your hard drive to detect and remove any threat lurking in the computer.

To keep yourself protected:

  • Stay away from lucrative links/URLs
  • Never go for free softwares, keep a check on the software copies, number of downloads, spellings etc.
  • download an anti spyware browser extension
  • always be careful of giving acceptance to any cookies.

You never know! It might cost you!

For protecting your Phones from such spywares:

  • Stay away from unofficial app stores
  • Stay away from unknown links/URLs sent over whatsapp, messages etc, adhere from clicking them
  • Critically examine before giving consent to any downloads, be it cookies consent.
  • Always keep your phone/softwares updated with the latest versions.

For Protecting your computers from such spywares:

  • Avoid clicking on email links or attachments, until you are confident enough
  • Use Pop Up Blockers for browsers
  • Use runtime application software to keep a list of preapproved links.

Even the safest of the safe and secured iOS and androids can also be attacked So Stay Alert

Protecting your data and identity needs to be your top priority, and it simply can’t be done through understanding the problem alone. Get yourself introduced to the best Information Security Expert practices and advice to help you protect yourself from potential spyware attacks with Team Computers. Think Security, Think Team.