One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is sourcing and hiring the right candidates. Social distancing norms and the fluctuating market conditions leave employers wondering: Do I need the additional resources? How will I accommodate them in my workplace? How do I find the right candidate with the right set of skills required to do this job?

If the hiring process was expensive before the pandemic, it has only become more difficult now. And it is next to impossible to manage with existing resources especially within the IT industry where there is a high volume of projects and the need for ever-evolving skill sets. In such a situation, a company has two choices, either outsource the project to a third-party organization (which has a large amount of autonomy) or you can up-scale your internal team with third-party resources to manage a particular project from inception to execution. If you’ve decided that you like the second option better, you’ve chosen the Staff Augmentation strategy for your hiring needs.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation or talent offshoring is the use of third-party staffing services, on a temporary or contract basis, to hire talented resource persons to augment the capacity of your team. This staffing strategy involves hiring temporary resources on a need basis to rapidly scale up your internal teams to better meet project deadlines, developments, and provide for your specialized technology needs.

This means that you will be able to hire employees who will possess the exact skill set to cater to your business needs at the exact time that your business needs it.

Benefits of IT Staffing Solutions  

Having the right employees and the right amount of employees is key to a business functioning successfully. Of course, you could hire employees permanently, however, in the IT sector ever-changing projects require employees with different skill sets to get the job done. This means that you can’t always afford to hire an in-house team for every single project, and you definitely can’t afford to wait 42 days to find the candidate in terms of qualifications, experience, or skills.

This is where tech staffing agencies come into play- they help you not only recruit the right talent, but they also help you globalize your company and build international remote teams without any risk.

There are numerous other benefits to staff augmentation such as:

  1. Cost-Effective Staffing Solution
    Finding and screening for the right candidates and hiring new employees can be an extremely costly affair. According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost to hire an employee is 4,129$ with a time frame of approximately 42 days to fill a position. Glassdoor states that the average company in the US spends as much as $4000 to hire a new employee and it can take up to 52 days to fill a position. The stakes for replacing a resource are even higher, it can cost up to 50-60% of their annual salary. Furthermore, providing the necessary training, perks, and benefits (such as cab, meals, or housing) for employees can also burn a hole in your budget.With IT staffing solutions, it is possible to bypass the hiring process both in terms of costs and in terms of risks (of employees leaving before the completion of a project). These agencies will also help you hire staff offsite, which will aid in the reduction of expenses involving setting up a central office space, furnishing it, and providing all the additional amenities and infrastructure. Hiring offsite means that employees can work from anywhere which also greatly reduces any risks associated with the pandemic.
  2. Control 

    Outsourcing work to a third party agency will take away some amount of control you have over the details of a project. Hiring temporary or contract workers through staffing solution agencies, however, will allow you to have control not only over the details of the work but also on the exact skill set of the employees being hired.One of the major benefits of outsourcing work to a third-party company is that your organization will have the ability to monitor the temporary staff as they will be working in close contact with your in-house team. It also allows companies to maintain the confidentiality of their projects and make recommendations on a regular basis, based on the hires’ performance.

  3.   Scale-Quicker 

    You can scale the size of your workforce based on your immediate needs. Through IT staffing solutions, you can hire top talent in your industry while at the same time cutting the time and cost it takes to make these hires. This helps your business focus on your core functionality, diversify your services, and provide great solutions with the expertise that can be easily hired with temporary staff. Companies will be allowed the flexibility to take up more projects and never say no to customers, as hiring new candidates will be easier than ever.Just as being understaffed is a problem, having more employees than required can also be an issue. Laying off talented and loyal employees can not only be emotionally taxing, but it can also ruin a company’s reputation. With staff augmentation, you can hire employees during high demand, and there is no need to scale down on any permanent employees once this demand has been met.

  4. Tailor-made Hires 

    Staff augmentation gives companies the advantage of hiring staff based on very specific skills. Temporary staff uses their highly specialized skills to work on very specific roles, making it a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time in-house team. It also helps augment the existing skills of the employees.This method also counteracts attrition. Employees may look for quick job changes during improved economic conditions stagnating projects and affecting deadlines. Using third-party staffing services will help prevent this attrition as employees are bound by a contract until the completion of a project. Besides, any unforeseen losses can be cut by immediate replacements provided by these agencies.

  5. Expand Globally 

    With staff augmentation services, it is easier to find employees in different locations nationally and internationally especially when setting up new branches. It would be more beneficial to contract employees who are native to the location- which can assist in various hurdles when it comes to setting up in a new place. Also, there is no need to relocate existing employees which can become an added expense to the company.

  6.  Work from Anywhere 

    We love our office spaces- we love meeting our colleagues and interacting with teammates to work together. At least, that’s what we told ourselves before the pandemic hit. A recent survey conducted by Lenovo revealed that approximately 74% of respondents from India are in agreement that they will continue to work remotely even after the pandemic. SAP Concur confirmed the same through their survey which concluded that 88% of Indians prefer to have the flexibility of working from home, and nearly 69% of that workforce believed that their productivity has increased while working remotely.IT staffing agencies allow you to hire workers who will work either onsite or offsite (at home, at shared workspaces, anywhere) helping you reduce operational costs without any loss to productivity.

Where do we come in

Team Computers is a bridge between business needs and the world of IT solutions. We see ourselves as a trusted solutions partner. We understand your needs, identify pain-points, and integrate sophisticated technology and high-quality support to provide you with affordable IT solutions in hardware, software, services, mobility, analytics, and Cloud with speed, flexibility, and an attitude of selfless service.

We understand how important your time is, and so we’ve designed end-to-end technology staffing solutions so that you are equipped to focus on bigger things.

  • Immediate Deployment with industry-ready professionals
    IT professionals are future-ready and trained at Team Gurukul to ensure that they have all the
    required skills and knowledge to get the job done right.
  • Constant Support
    We’ve developed technology that will help us stay informed about the absence of a resource, so we’re always prepared to back you up.
  • Stable Resources
    There is a very low risk of attrition as we check the career aspirations of all our hires through our unique online talent management program called Optimus Spark. This program also allows us to ascertain employee competencies guaranteeing you the best hire.
  • Industrial-ready
    All of our resources are constantly trained and tested for real-time knowledge and skills using Optimus Spark.
  • Expert Feedback
    Team computers will also help you make the best decision by sharing expert opinions about a candidate’s profile (in video and audio format) so that you can make the right choice, every time.Technical staffing solutions like staff augmentation provides companies with innumerable advantages when used right, with the right partner to support you. Lower CapEx and OpEx, less paperwork and legal responsibility, reduced burden on your HR department, increased team size, skills, productivity, and efficiency at a fraction of the cost, greater flexibility in terms of upscaling and downscaling, talent acquisition, and complete control and confidentiality when it comes to the details of your project.With 33 years of experience in supporting 250+ companies, Team Computers is equipped with 1200+ best resources to hire with excellent technical skills to handle any and every complex project in the business.

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