What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality is an advanced technology wherein physical and virtual elements combine to produce new environments of interaction. Both the virtual and physical worlds interact, and users can also freely interact with the mixed reality devices.

For instance, you enter a zoo to watch your favorite animals. But, in addition to the real live animals, mixed reality introduces extinct animals like dinosaurs. You can interact with both sets of animals and enjoy the experience.

Mixed reality comes with various benefits. Let us look at some of them below.

Benefits of Mixed Reality

The benefits of mixed reality range from simplifying workplace processes to speeding up key tasks, such as:

  • Simplifying Workplace Process: With mixed reality, it becomes easy to check processes, ensure compliance, and avoid errors.
  • Enhancing Employee Training: Instead of relying on outdated training manuals, you can elevate your employee training experience in a mixed reality environment. With better practical interaction, they learn faster with accuracy.
  • Tackling skill shortage: With mixed reality, you need not hire more labor to do mundane tasks. Remote mixed reality systems can guide the existing laborers to upgrade their skills and perform better.

What is HoloLens 2 and How is it Changing Your Workplace

HoloLens 2 is Microsoft’s mixed reality solution, designed specifically for the modern workforce. The applications of HoloLens 2 devices could be seen in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

*Image Source: Microsoft

Let’s understand these applications in detail.

Manufacturing Sector

By using HoloLens 2 devices in the manufacturing sector, you can reduce downtimes and enhance the capabilities of your workforce. For instance, if your product isn’t working as expected, you can equip your field agents with critical service maintenance data and documentation. If needed, you can also connect your workforce to remote technicians to solve a problem instantly.

With mixed reality visual guidance, you can enhance your worker’s productivity. You can guide them with detailed step-by-step instructions and checklists.

Regular upskilling is a crucial component of the manufacturing process. With a mixed reality-powered HoloLens 2 device, you can effectively upskill your veteran workers and train the newly onboarded workforce.

*Image Source: Microsoft

Healthcare Sector

HoloLens 2 empowers different stakeholders in the healthcare sectors like doctors, patients, and experts to personalized medical care in a shorter time interval.

Care teams across multiple hospitals can collaborate remotely and carry out virtual patient diagnoses and treatment. Also, during surgery, doctors find it helpful to refer to the 3D images of CT scans and MRI images.

In addition, mixed reality enables doctors to diagnose and share patients’ data quickly. In doing so, critical patients can access quality care at the earliest and lead healthier lives.

*Image Source: Microsoft

Education Sector

HoloLens 2 aims to enhance students’ engagement with their access to advanced learning mechanisms.

For example, with mixed reality-led learning, students no longer require direct instruction learning. Instead, they can self-learn by interacting with the virtual and physical environment. Moreover, mixed reality simplifies the complex concepts involving architectural design, molecular chemistry, anatomy, and more. This process also allows students to retain knowledge for a long time.

With mixed reality, remote education is becoming a more enjoyable learning experience. Students can learn faster and at their pace. Also, the interactive learning environment makes boring topics easily understandable and interesting.

*Image Source: Microsoft

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