Your IT assets come in all shapes and sizes. From the obvious (computers, routers, and other physical equipment) to intangible software assets, most modern businesses couldn’t function if they didn’t have access to these systems.

The computer network and various softwares supported with durable hardware and devices are the lifelines of any modern business concern. These assets ensure that business continuity is achieved glitch-free and in a seamless manner. 

But IT assets, like any other type of asset, need constant monitoring, maintenance, and care to function effectively and perform optimally.

If you want to ensure the smooth functioning of your IT assets, you will need to constantly assess their performance and foresee any problems in their functioning. You will also need to troubleshoot their functions and have solutions in place beforehand. These problems could be as fundamental as downtimes occurring or not enough memory for the various programs to run, to other, more complex issues.

This point is where an IT asset care partner comes in. An IT solutions company has professionals with sound knowledge of all IT-related aspects of running a business. They know the nature of problems arising in IT assets and how to go about resolving the same. 

Hence, an annual maintenance contract (AMC) with an IT Solutions company is an excellent step in ensuring that all IT systems are running smoothly. They also make sure that there is no hindrance to business continuity.

How to take adequate care of your IT assets?

Let us understand how you can take care of your IT assets.

1. Be proactive in the supervision of the functioning of your IT assets:

From the very start, have systems and mechanisms to foresee and prevent any problem or pitfall. 

In any concern, company, or office, the entire IT infrastructure is an intricate process comprising many secondary or accessory operations. A glitch occurring in any one of these will affect the functioning of the whole system. 

Hence, it is essential to foresee where, when, and how an IT asset is bound to falter or malfunction. Also, your annual maintenance contract with an IT solutions partner should cover for and make arrangements towards providing solutions for such slip-ups or malfunctions.

The above is an essential step towards ensuring smooth operations and business continuity. These solutions act as backups or support systems and provide your IT systems never fail; or, if they do, they get back on track ASAP.

2. A Centralized Ticket Management System is Great for Coordination and Increased IT Efficiency:

What exactly is a centralized ticket management system? 

Suppose an issue or problem crops up, or even if any individual or personnel has a doubt or query. In that case, the system raises a ticket so that you can resolve these concerns publicly and openly. 

The information and insights shared then can be utilized by others to operate the IT assets and systems more efficiently. You must insist that your IT solutions partner have a centralized ticket system in place as part of the annual maintenance contract (AMC).

A ticket management system that is not centralized, or more obscure will pose difficulties for the resolutions of the problems. It will also make the entire resolution process remain relatively unknown to others in the organization. 

Hence, everyone cannot share the experience. So, you might have the same problems repeatedly occurring, just because people did not get the solution right away when the problem occurred the first time.

A centralized ticket management system is also great for smooth coordination between personnel needed to resolve issues. This way, all equipment and know-how necessary for troubleshooting must be available in just one place.

Indeed, a centralized ticket management system is an absolute must for the smooth functioning of your IT assets and the continuity of your business without any obstacles.

3. Automation of Incident Flow Management: A Must for Minimizing Downtimes:

Let us first break down this rather complex-sounding statement. An incident, or to clarify, an adverse event, is a glitch, shortcoming, or fault that occurred in some part of the software system, leading to performance compromise of the IT assets of any organization. 

So, an incident flow management system records all the steps taken to rectify situations like above and details like how the troubleshooting took place, the mechanisms and professional expertise needed to do so, etc.

An automated incident flow management system means that your IT infrastructure automatically notes information like above and makes it a part of its systems. 

It is like your IT infrastructure is self-updating its compilation of solutions and inputting details of how it reached the solution or how it resolved the problem. This step is crucial to foresee and avoid similar issues in the future.

Ultimately, such automation of incident flow management helps reduce downtimes and thus enhances business continuity. You should ensure that your IT solutions partner provides such automation.

How to choose the right AMC partner? 

Now, let us talk a little about what separates a great IT solutions (AMC) partner from others? 

What exactly do you look for when choosing an IT firm as your AMC partner? 

In our opinion, the following characteristics make for an ideal AMC partner to have an annual maintenance contract with.

  • Pan India presence: 

Such an IT Solutions Partner should have offices all over India so that you can choose the office closest to the location of your business. 

The problems arising in business continuity differ from place to place. If your IT partner is based in the same location as you, they will better understand your business and its challenges.

  • An IT solutions (or AMC) partner emphasizing processes: 

The IT firm you have an annual maintenance contract with should be process-oriented. They should have a firm grip on the various processes as part of your IT infrastructure and know-how to resolve issues. 

Good knowledge and awareness about the different IT processes will make a strong base for your IT partner to provide satisfactory service.

It is important for them to achieve the goal of zero adverse events or incidents.

  • Expertise of personnel who constantly innovate: 

Ensuring that the IT assets of any organization operate smoothly and optimally requires a lot of problem-solving and foreseeing the occurrence of problems before they occur. 

The professionals of your IT solutions company should have sound knowledge and experience, and they should work on constant improvement of systems and innovation.

Lastly, it is better that you have just one AMC (annual maintenance contract) partner for all your branches and offices. Such a partner should be trustworthy and flexible in their approach towards maintaining your IT assets.