Usage drives RoI – We’ve known this along, but this has been an age long challenge to address. Well, not anymore!

Qlik has found a probable answer – a chatbot so that your users do not have to log in, look at dashboards or have the ability to infer them. They can now do what they do best, simply ask questions in natural language and get responses!

Questions such as

  1. What are my sales this quarter?
  2. Which of my branches have a negative net?
  3. Who is my highest performing salesperson?

Qlik has lately introduced the Qlik Insight Bot, delivering AI power conversational analytics to any and every user of the organisation.

The Qlik insight bot can be accessed directly from the qlik sense environment or through popular collaboration such as Skype or slack, making it easy for people to access analytics wherever they work!

Users can now ask questions and get a variety of answers making it easier for more people to make a data-driven decision – to put it simply- “If you can chat you can engage with your data”.

The Insight Bot is readily available at the lower right corner- a simple click brings up information of the interface ready to accept commands and questions and alongside interacting with the qlik sense business apps.

I’d like to quickly make you understand what Qlik Insight Bot has to offer- Kickstarting the story with an example: So simply type “show apps” notice that as I start to type, it suggests me various comments that are available, that it has already learnt from my previous needs, therefore making those suggestions. The comment “show apps” displays those qlik sense apps configured from the bot.

For example: clicking one of these such as retail convenience, sets the context of the app and provides a generalized overview and summary of the KPI’s. This keeps me engaged with the data.

At this point, I wish to see what measures are available so I type, “show measures and now I see list of all the apps, now I am interested in the cost of goods sold, clicking that not only displays the value but also presents the chart showing all my measures overtime along with links to actual Qlik sense web page for deeper analysis, Bot continues the conversation by further suggesting other reviews encouraging me to ask that next question. Now I want to see some visualizations and a list of governed KPI’s visuals that are available in the app displays.

At this point, I hope you are seeing the power of simple conversational analytics To stay competitive, organizations must enable their entire workforce to make better decisions using data. Qlik Insight Bot offers a powerful new way to make data and analytics more accessible to everyone by letting people use their innate communication skills to get the information they need. That helps organizations:

  1. Reach more users with the right data, wherever and however they work.
  2. Enhance data literacy and data-driven decision-making at all levels.
  3. Get more value from data and analytics investments.

Insight Bot is a perfect compliment to your existing qlik sense enterprise solution.

For conversational analytics, make analytics available to everyone, let’s get started with Qlik today!