Covid has accelerated digital transformation across all industry verticals and departments. Organisations are now opting for a more advanced automation in processes to increase the speed of business. For the pharma industry, digital transformation majorly lands on how the field force can be digitized and made more productive to accelerate the growth of business.

The success of any pharma company is majorly determined by its active and productive field sales force. Due to increasing competition, all the leading pharma companies are adapting to the new technologies that can enrich their field force to stay ahead of the competition. Solutions such as Sales Force Automation are now playing an important role in the pharmaceutical industry since it helps the companies to automate various aspects of their sales process.

But what exactly is Sales Force Automation?

Sales force automation is a solution that replaces the traditional sales process and approach and equips the field force representative with mobile devices such as iPad or tablets and softwares to reduce the amount of manual, repetitive tasks.

With the sales force automation solutions, pharma companies can get benefits like real-time information from the market such as daily sales, monthly sales forecasts, reduced printing cost of marketing collaterals and enhanced productivity of their field force.

Sales force automation solutions have countless advantages such as –

Reducing printing cost of marketing collaterals to zero – As the field force is equipped with mobile devices such as iPad or tablets, all the marketing collaterals like leaflets, brochures, catalogues can be stored on the device itself. Also, these digital assets can be instantly shared with the customer via email or WhatsApp for a better recall of the product.

Flow of information in real-time – The SFA solutions allow the backend office teams to see the sales happening in real-time by the field force representative. The CRM which is a part of the SFA solution helps in processing the order in real-time from the retailer or distributor thus increasing the speed of business. Also, marketing teams can leverage SFA solutions by sharing marketing assets directly over the air instead of getting them printed and delivered to regional offices.

Delivering great customer experience – With mobile devices such as iPads and tablets in hand, the companies can now create interactive content for the customers such as informative product videos and 3D chemical structure of drugs. If the content is more interactive, customer conservations turn even more interesting.

Improve productivity of Sales team – The sales team can save a lot of time with paperless order tracking, sales reporting, conveyance claiming and proper calendar management. This extra time enables them to meet more customers and focus on sales.

Precise Sales forecast from past Sales data Analysis – With real-time and accurate information entered into the CRM, the sales managers can easily forecast the monthly or weekly sales. Also, different kinds of sales reports such as weekly, monthly, customer-wise, product-wise, can be instantly viewed on-the-go by the field force representative as well as by the sales manager.

Tracking Sales rep’s live location – The in-built GPS functionality of devices integrated with the SFA solutions automatically tracks the location of the sales person. This can be used in automating various processes such as conveyance claims based on the route, routes to plan meetings in an area and tracking live location of the sales person.

So, with all the benefits mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to state that a majority of success in sales for pharma companies depends on the efficiency and productivity of the field force. In 2021, every pharma company must deploy an efficient sales force automation solution to increase the productivity of the sales and marketing teams. A right sales force automation solution can lead to better engagement between the sales reps and customers, opening the window for interactive communication, increased trust, and more revenue.

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