1. Database Services

The new SAP HANA gives you a chance to process information at the time by utilizing in-memory database administrations to process rapid exchanges and investigation. This sees no difference amongst the database layer and the applications layer. Along these lines, it takes into consideration an a lot speedier preparing execution.

2. Advanced Analytics Processing

Addition of new bits of knowledge from cutting edge investigation preparing by utilizing in-memory information handling abilities – content, prescient, spatial, chart, gushing, and time arrangement. In the event that your association has a requirement for up-to-the-minute data or procedures reports that set aside a long effort to create, SAP HANA can without a doubt help you.

3. App Development

Develop next-generation applications that combine analytics and transactions, and deploy them on any device. This gives your organization a cutting edge advantage over others with new custom applications to have great growth for the organization.

4. Data Access

Increase a total and precise perspective on your business by getting to information from any source – inward or outer. Access information where it’s found, incorporate or reproduce pertinent information into SAP HANA, and guarantee information quality to build trust in basic leadership.

5. Administration

Improve framework organization and IT tasks with instruments that assistance you screen forms, guarantee information and application security, and accomplish nonstop accessibility. Keep your business running easily and viably – from any gadget or area.

5. Security

Keep your interchanges, information stockpiling, and application administrations secure with strong character and access the executives controls. Depend on top tier programming security, fixing, and encryption – and utilize a dashboard to screen all KPIs identified with security.

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