One of the biggest confusion today’s corporations are facing is whether to call or not to call their workforce to the office. The major proportion of the workforce is adapted to the hybrid work culture without any compromise on their productivity but still, most of the employees want to come back to the Office for better collaboration between teams, enhanced productivity, and better coordination among peers. Most of the organization¬† Leaders are not okay with the concept of Work From Home and are ready to move towards regular office culture steadily. Almost 90% of organizations have evolved their way of doing work since COVID 19 first wave, lots of collaboration devices are introduced in the system to connect the workforce virtually. Big Corporates are ready to welcome their workforce back to the office Hybrid workforce with some innovative collaboration Gadgets. For your help, we have a brief comparison to choose the best collaboration whiteboard for your workforce:

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S bridges the gap between your Hybrid Workforce. This device comes in two sizes 50 inches and 85 inches, according to the organization’s requirements. Its mic array and 4K camera serve as a perfect tool to manage and collaborate with your team in real-life-sized video meetings. Surface Hub 2S allows you to use multiple apps, presentations, Microsoft tools, and all the third-party apps on a single screen. Take your Team’s Brainstorming sessions to another level with fast and fluid visuals, Microsoft Pen’s precise inking experience can assist you with noting and explaining the projects. Surface Hub 2S can move wherever teamwork happens, in the Conference room or the office balcony with its Steelcase Roam.¬† Regardless of whether your business group is planning a cutting-edge gadget or fostering an online project, Surface Hub 2S is the most secure and reliable collaboration tool.

Google JamBoard

Google Jamboard is a whiteboard with the Power of Google. Enhance your team’s productivity with the feature of Google Jamboard Co-authoring which allows your team in the same huddle room or your remote team around the world to use multiple Jamboard at the same time. This feature can help your hybrid workforce to add or drop pictures, notes, or other resources directly in real-time from your web browser while collaborating with your large team. JamBoard allows you to use all the applications available in the play store, starting from Google Drive to Sheets, Docs, Slides, and all the third-party applications. Brainstorming became easier as Google JamBoard is exclusively accurate and responsive, it acts just like our traditional blackboard and chalk. JamBoard is a single cable setup and does not require a high-end setup configuration. It comes in a 55 inches Whiteboard with 4K resolution and can walk around your office with a slight push. JamBoard is a perfect collaboration device for corporates with a Hybrid Workforce model with up to 16 touchpoints at a single period.

Cisco Spark Board

Cisco Spark Board 55 is truly taking collaboration to the next level. Cisco has achieved the modern ultrasound wireless pairing technology which can help laptops, macs, mobiles, or other end-user devices to connect with Cisco Spark Board wirelessly without wifi or Bluetooth connection. Save your cost of installing microphones all around the conference rooms, as the Cisco Spark board comes with an array of 12 microphones all around the spark screen. This device allows you to save your work instantly to the cloud simply and securely. Calling, messaging, scheduling meetings can help your team to collaborate and connect before and after the discussion sessions simply through the Cisco spark application. Spark Board is a single setup whiteboard, your team can start their brainstorming sessions in just one touch. This device comes in a 55inch screen and 4K wide-angle camera resolution, making Cisco Spark Board 55 a perfect collaboration whiteboard for your Hybrid workforce.

Samsung Flip

Samsung’s award-winning most innovative whiteboard comes with multi-writing technology, which allows up to 20 users to edit on¬† Samsung Flip at a single point in time remotely and 4 people can draw or edit on the device which is the ideal scenario for any brainstorming session. Maximize your team’s productivity with Samsung Flip which enables your workforce to collaborate with all the windows, play store, and third-party applications through multiple screen capturing. The most distinct feature of the Samsung Flip is its ability to move in portrait and landscape mode according to the usage. Samsung Flip’s InGlass technology allows your workforce to experience the smoothest way of brainstorming, making notes, editing documents, or drawing your team’s work chart. Share all your work with your peers effortlessly post-meeting through mobile or digital channels. Flip is undoubtedly a perfect and most innovative whiteboard for modern workplace collaboration.

Almost 85% of the workforce wants to return to office around the world. Employees are feeling less productive at home due to the unsuitable ergonomics, distraction at home, and lack of the right devices at home. Around 30% of them miss the collaboration, communication, and coordination with their peers and team. Welcome your workforce with the innovative collaboration device according to your workforce requirement.

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