Companies now more than ever are leveraging digital to build long lasting and deeper relationships with their customers, vendors or distributors. Traditional B2B commerce solutions lack the rich content and experience management required to deliver incredible digital commerce sites. However, digital commerce has transformed the way businesses address the most complex challenges by giving a single, flexible platform to craft the perfect customer journey with following features –

  1. Secure user account request & access
  2. Customer requirement uploads & get real-time status
  3. Secure data sharing & document access
  4. Payment option with multi currency & payment reminders
  5. Social media integration to share the latest company updates
  6. SAP integration to automate the order processing cycle

Accelerate your digital transformation with Team Computers’ B2B Commerce Solution. It offers endless benefits from increasing B2B revenue to improving customer loyalty. Whether you need to replace manual commerce processes or leverage modern digital commerce capabilities, we are the right partner for you to help you meet your digital expectations.

How B2B Digital Catalogue help companies

  1. It Showcases your product offerings with beautiful experiences tailored for your buyers using digital catalogue.
  2. It Enhances product content with modern user interface and rich media in your catalog.
  3. Effortless purchasing feature manages and updates orders with views for assignments, transaction history and shipments.
  4. Payment and tax integrations along with multi currency support enable you to grow into global markets.
  5. Reflect B2B pricing models, discounts, and customer-specific catalogs.
  6. Reps see exactly what each customer sees on your site, from real-time order history to their personalized content and recommendations.

How Team Computers helped a B2B Pharma manufacturing company achieve great customer experience and boost sales with Digital commerce



The company was looking for an application from which their customer could reach out to the Sales rep for any of their queries and get the status of their request on-time.


Without the digital platform in place the employees and the customers were communicating over the phone and email. This created the possibilities of amiss during the order processing.

The process was long , manual and prone to errors. Orders were placed via email or phone and then the team raised requests in the CRM manually which goes to the internal team. The sample & regulatory status as well as the required documents has been  updated by the customer manually.

The Contact Manufacturing team gets a Request for Proposal / Request for Quote from a customer and it has been managed manually, through email. Customer Forecast was planned manually through excel which lacked efficiency. Customers are placing and confirming orders through email and further order process happen in the company’s SAP system. Even the Payment reminder process is manual and is done through phone or email.


An Amazon kind of app in the B2B sector, where customers could register, order, track,  contact, access documents, pay & get notified on status.

An e-commerce portal automated all the manual processes, which made it easy for the employees as well as for the customers to place, track and edit the order and access the required information and documents. The automated alert notifications are sent to both the customers and the users for easy coordination.

Not just this, the B2B portal also has a report and & dashboards feature to see the status of the metrics like, Portal usage by customer, Order Status, Sample  Status, Regulatory Status, Payment Status etc. The customer forecasts were also created on the portal which gave employees an estimate on the future sales.

The portal has an inbuilt chat and customer query mechanism, customers can raise complaints and track their queries the company rep will get an alert via email whenever a query has been raised.

The portal also facilitates the integration of company’s social media handles and internal news portals like LinkedIn, Twitter account to keep customers updated on the latest news in the Home page screen of the Customer portal. The integration with the SAP system automates the entire order processing cycle.

From management perspective, the portal also gives a 360 degree view of a single customer in terms of order, sales, request from the customer to different business in the company as a consolidated view.

Tangible & Intangible Benefits

The e-commerce portal increased the visibility of customer data throughout the organisation. The centralized data gathering reduced the manual interaction between internal departments (Finance, SCM, Regulatory etc…)  when a customer raises a request.

The automation of order placing processes along with the quick TAT increased customer conversions to multifold along with providing great customer experience.

The inbuilt reports and dashboard along with the intelligent sales analytics boosted employees productivity and increased visibility across the organisation.