As per Gartner, “Through 2020, public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than those in traditional data centers.”

Cloud Security primarily has been divided into two major parts – Security of the Cloud and Security in the Cloud.

While Security of the Cloud refers to Infrastructure Level Security, Security in the Cloud refers to the Application Level Security.

Here are 4 must-haves for a customer to have on their Checklist while ensuring Cloud Security:

1. User Tracking

The Identity and Access Management helps ensure which people can have access to what data and from what devices. There are different degree of access also that can be given to different users like view only, edit, etc.

A unique username for every user helps map every activity that has been carried out and can be tracked through which username.

This gives one complete control over who can do what, puts limits on what they can do & tracks every action of the user.

2. Traffic Monitoring & Management

Monitoring activities of each and every IP accessing the application to ensure any sort of malicious activity happening is monitored and taken care of in time. The monitoring is done through monitoring IP.

While monitoring these IPs, the ones that are not under suspicion are Whitelisted while the ones that are suspected of malicious activity are blocked.

For example – For a particular website, if there is any IP with any suspected malicious activity, it shall be blocked while the ones which are clean are Whitelisted and can access the website at a given point in time.

3. Threat Intelligence

Threats in this context can be at multiple levels and in multiple forms right from Infrastructure to the Application level. Monitoring at every level helps with alerts for threats and ensuring action is taken at the right time.

4. Risk Mitigation

Mitigation of DDoS, SQL Injections and other malicious activities through Web App Firewalls, etc. This can be done and tracked in real time through dashboards to ensure one has every minute detail of the what traffic is coming on the application, where it is originating from, updated policies etc. to ensure proper security measures are taken and any malware attack is avoided.

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