Did you know that as per Industry reports, 30-35% of the Cloud spend goes wasted (Source: TechBeacon).

Switching to a Pay-as-you-go model is the right beginning. You get rid of capex and can address your growth uncertainty to an extent. But it’s quite likely that you’re paying more by not having the right sizing on the cloud.

Managing your Cloud expenditure is easier said than done. In this blog, we’ll take a deeper insight into challenges faced in Managing Cloud spendings and how one can overcome them.

1. Tap on Utilization

As you evolve in your Cloud journey, it gets more and more difficult to keep a tap of the numerous Cloud services you’re using. You do get to know your Billing at the end of the month, but do you monitor how much utilization has actually happened at the server level.

2. Shadow IT

In organizations, apart from IT, there are a lot of other departments that use Cloud services which go largely unchecked. The most common concern across organizations is that they use the services for a while that they have provisioned and then leave them idle only adding up to the charges without utilizing them.

3. Rightsizing & Automation

The biggest advantage of using Cloud is to Semi-Dynamic and Dynamic applications since they are unpredictable in nature and can be scaled up and down depending on usage.

In such a scenario, you cannot follow a set it and forget it approach.


How to overcome such challenges?

Proactively keeping a tab on utilization is one the keys to optimizing your Cloud. But what all do you need to monitor?

Well, here’s a checklist to begin with –

  1. Utilization of unused and underutilized resources
  2. The timing of resources utilized, especially development resources to ensure they’re switched off while not in use
  3. Resource utilization by departments, especially idle resources
  4. Pricing structure of the Cloud Solution Provider

While you monitor all these parameters to begin with, necessary and corrective action of terminating resources needs to be taken timely to ensure you’re actually paying for only resources you’re using.

These activities will also help Forecast your usage and plan better.

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