The pandemic has highlighted that only those businesses who have the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to unplanned business disruptions can survive the market. With Covid 19 showing no signs of easing, Cloud Migration is bound to accelerate. While business leaders are busy taking steps closer towards Digital Transformation, they choose to let someone else manage the trouble of their server gear.

Business and IT pioneers across the world are replacing their legacy, on-premise infrastructure with a scalable, economical and agile infrastructure over the cloud. Now is the time for all executives across the C-suite to accelerate the transition to a cloud-centric IT model. From decreased IT expenses to speeding up innovation, there are many convincing motivations to set out for Cloud Migration. However, making this progress isn’t simple without an all-around created plan, cloud capabilities and skill sets.

Here, we feature the 7 most compelling motivations why we see businesses opt for Cloud Migration

#1 Consolidating Data Centers
Thanks to the power of cloud computing, organizations don’t need to deal with their on-premises data centers anymore. IT leaders can outsource backend roles to third-party cloud suppliers and redistribute their organization resources to higher-value processes and initiatives. Furthermore, organizations can unite tasks and distribute access to cloud services depending on the situation, thus increasing enterprise efficiency.

#2 Business Agility
Business Agility is key in the current global economy scenario. Access to flexible, on-demand IT assets is significant for staying up with competitors and quickly transforming industry dynamics. In the cloud, more than 99% of what you need is accessible on-request. Companies don’t need to wait for weeks or months for hardware spares and installations. Instead, they can rent important capacities directly from CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) and go live immediately.

#3 Reduced IT spendsĀ 
One of the most common reasons why businesses opt for Cloud Migration is to reduce IT costs. In the cloud, IT leaders can right-size their computing assets without a hassle, as per exceptional business needs and cut inefficient spending. Instead of estimating the future capacity requirements, the organizations can fine tune on the go, as well as remove the IT hardware and on premise assets which are unnecessary.

#4 Secure Infrastructure
Security will keep on being a significant area of concern going forward. By cloud migration, businesses can modernize IT framework as per the best industry practices and shield their applications from various malware attacks.

One thing to remember is that numerous leaders wrongly think that the actual cloud is the thing that makes organizations secure. But in reality, the cloud empowers groups to execute the security protocols, administration, and compliance guardrails they need for their specific business processes.

#5 No more End-of-Life concernsĀ 
For many companies, the choice to cloud migration is affected by end-of-life timelines for their business critical IT infrastructure – both hardware and software. IT pioneers today would prefer not to deal with rigid licensing agreements and long-term contracts anymore.

Luckily, cloud solves this challenge. Businesses don’t need to stress over application life cycles or agreement terms, as they can pay for what they use for essential cloud capabilities and take advantage of updates as they come available. Organizations can get the latest updates quickly without signing any rigid, long term contracts.

#6 Speeding up Growth
Innovation is at a higher priority today than ever, with regards to organization development. Regardless of whether it be through natural extension or mergers & acquisitions. Organizations in the cloud can integrate new acquisitions to existing platforms much more simply and hassle free. Likewise, they can scale up quickly with business needs, with the auto-scaling function and flexible data management services.

#7 Empowering Digital Transformation
Many organizations are undergoing digital transformation to create incremental value out of existing resources. On account of latest advances in cloud computing, leaders can digitize their core functionality much more efficiently, including CRM, SAP, data analytics, etc.

Cloud migration can help in enhancing the productivity of workforces, innovate, and unlock new revenue sources in the competitive market. Once on the cloud, the conceivable outcomes are huge!

Lets move to the Cloud

Realizing the Cloud Migration benefits is possible if you can effectively move your on-premises IT setup to the cloud without any issues. As a cloud expert, we understand the difficulties that organizations face with regards to making the transition without disturbing existing tasks.

Fortunately, we at Team Computers have an expertise in hassle-free Cloud Migration of the existing infrastructure. Through our Migration & Deployment Services, we ensure the organizations have an easy transition to the cloud.

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