Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is an annual event that unleashes Apple’s latest software and Technologies. The event has been virtual since last year due to Covid 19 precautions. On 9th June 2021, The Action-Packed WWDC 2021 kickstarted with a small keynote from Tim Cook on the importance of privacy and how new Apple devices are coming up with a doubled privacy shield. Apple announced software updates of iOS, macOS, iPad OS, and watchOS. All these updates will be released to Apple users by the end of this year.

Here are a few exciting announcements of Apple’s biggest event of the year WWDC21

Maintain Work-Life Balance with iOS15

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Apple Announced FOCUS, a tool to prioritize time and energy in the present events and tasks. FOCUS helps you track activities that are currently of high priority i.e whether one wants to focus on Fitness, reading, or office work. Facetime allows you to schedule meetings, screen share, or use portrait mode in video meetings. Customize your notifications according to your preferred time to take action on them or according to the schedule you set for them to pop up on your screen. Live text can help you collect text information directly from an image or a live photograph that can be mailed, or even directly call the number from the image, and lastly, live text translation can be accessed by simply a tap on the image.

Get Work done easily with iPadOS 15

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The all new iPadOS15 enables you to get work done easily through its organizing capabilities, hence making you much more productive. iPadOS15 comes up with a striking feature called Multitasking to enable you to use more than one app in a single window, allowing you to use full screen or split view or slide over or the center view as required by the user. One can enjoy the Widgets and App Library on the home screen with a new user interface.

Stay Connected with MacOS Monterrey

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The MacOS Monterrey introduced Shareplay, a powerful tool through which you can watch, listen together, as well as share your screen during facetime. Also improving Facetime was Spatial audio where individual voices sound like they’re coming from where that speaker was positioned on the screen, a new Mic mode to keep only your voice loud and clear and a Portrait mode to minimize background and keep the focus on you.

One WatchOS8 for all your needs

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The watch OS8 comes with several exciting features. First off is the new app Mindfulness which helps keep you focused and centered with calming visualizations as well as keeps a track of how many mindfulness minutes you’ve had on the day. You can also track your Heartbeat, Sleeping respiratory rate, and several other health metrics to keep better track of your health over time. With Apple Wallet, you can store Home keys, Credit cards, ID cards all at the same time in one convenient location. You can even start your car, open your front door and turn on your entry lights, all with the click of a button.

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