This corona pandemic has most of the people working from home and connecting with families, friends, clients, and co-workers digitally. In the wake of quarantine and lockdowns, the use of video conferencing solutions has surged since in-person meets are not possible. Not just the pandemic, it is observed that at least 70% of people globally are working remotely at least once a week according to a study. Work from home or working remotely are the trends of the new business era. Therefore video conferencing solution is one of the crucial aspects of modern work culture.

There are plenty of video conferencing solutions in India but what suits your business and its priorities are difficult to analyze and choose from as not all collaboration solutions are designed to suit your business workspace. Also one can not compromise with issues related to the security of video conferencing solutions. So now the question comes, what are the best video conferencing or collaboration solutions in India to deliver your business with top quality video calls & collaboration with high performance and unlimited capabilities?

Confused? No worries!! We got you a small guide about some best video conferencing solutions with all their characteristics, shining features, and where they lack.


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