Workplace by Facebook makes the impossible possible by bringing everybody on the same page, quite literally! It is the newest addition to our portfolio and our organization never seemed so connected, be it our business goals, values or our every day updates and achievements. More so, a connected and shared culture is nurtured and built across the whole organization. Workplace combines the technology behind the most popular social media platform today and easy-to-use- features to transform communication, culture, and workflows inside businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

Following are the top 10 features that sealed the deal for Team Computers:

  1. Connecting employees across locations- including resident engineers
    The workplace gives everyone a voice and the tools to get it heard. It promotes connections so that everyone remains in touch- irrespective of their locations. Whether they’re down the hall, working from home or simply across the globe!  We’re actually just a click away! Such connections can be enhanced through the mentioned features of the workplace:

    • Share important information and organization announcements via News Feed
    • Encourage two-way communication with likes, comments, and reaction
    • Talk to anyone in any language with Auto-translate
    • Keep in touch on the go with mobile apps
  2. Auto addition and removal of people at the time of joining and leaving the organization
    Employees are given access to a set of information upon their recruitment. It is extremely imperative that the confidential information remains subject to the organization and doesn’t travel further, upon their exit. The workplace makes it extremely easy to add people to groups according to their departments, designations, etc. Not just that, they can be swiftly removed from the respective groups while leaving, without any threat to the organizational information.

  3. Easy polls and surveys to gauge the pulse of the organization
    Polls can help make decisions faster as a team. They can be used to gather feedback, create meeting agendas, and set meeting times. An official set of company resources like the latest HR policy, help desk FAQs and more can be curated through the same. Additionally,  a central space can be created to find out what employees think by running a quick poll and gather views and comments for an idea. In this way, a two way top to bottom communication is established and boosted.
  4. Ease at Employee Onboarding
    Workforce planning is the cornerstone of a great hiring process. If you’ve been around an HR recruiting space, you’d know how noisy it gets. The workplace makes it quiet & easy. It is an effective tool to immediately make employees feel at home, without any rigorous training regarding the usage of the communication platform. The new-joiners can easily be added to the group with the required training material. Due to the far and wide reach of Facebook, using the workplace becomes a cakewalk. Through the org chart, the new joiners instantly know the right person to reach out to and through what channel.

  5. Live feature for a real-time and regular connect
    Team Computers’ CEO, Ranjan Chopra, uses the live feature on the workplace to be connected with everyone on a regular basis. This way nobody is left out from the organizational news and talks remain a part of the flow of information coming from the top. A notification is floated across to each profile to update as and when he goes live to address the organization- whether it is to wish everyone on a festival, or to generally keeping everybody in the loop.
  6. Groups dedicated to a particular cause
    We, at Team, have a group BIG WINS dedicated exclusively to broadcast good news and wins across the organization. It can be used both as an information platform, as well as a platform to motivate employees to make ‘winning a habit’! Also, multi-company groups can also be created for projects with stakeholders outside the organization and discuss projects, manage information and share documents. The groups are also supported by workplace chat for real-time communication with the group participants. It is also extremely convenient to search on the group page and find posts, files, or comments one needs to refer to. Groups can be created with different privacy considerations depending on what kind of group you’re an admin of. The workplace has three different group privacy settings:Open: anyone can see the group, its members and its posts.
    Closed: anyone can see the group and who’s in it. Only members can see posts.
    Secret: only members can find the group, see who’s in it and see posts.
  7. Recognition as an efficient mode of motivation
    For many employees, a compliment – not compensation – makes all the difference when it comes to feeling valued at work. That’s why Workplace can help HR teams build a culture of recognition and care. The effort to find and recruit top talent is wasted if we can’t keep hold of your best employees. In order to improve employee engagement, recognition can be one of the biggest drivers of company culture. It influences relationships, happiness, and values – all the good stuff that you want your organization to be known for. With badges curated to thank peers, you can publicly thank an employee and notify his/her manager too.
  8. Makes working much more easier
    Workplace connects with tools you’re already using, such as G Suite, Office 365 and Dropbox. So, one would not face the complexities of migrating and losing data. Anyone can start using it straight away. It doesn’t just end there, here is what’s more:

    • Workplace connects with over 50 popular enterprise tools
    • Familiar features make Workplace easy to adopt
    • Automate everyday tasks with bots
    • Build your own bots and integrations
    • Share files and photos in groups
    • Machine learning makes Workplace smarter and more relevant over time
  9. Hosting meetings- no more a hassle 
    Hosting meetings can get tricky when the staff scattered across the country or around the world. Workplace makes it easy by having voice and video calling available with every chat. Host a meeting with your team using video calling, or broadcast it by going live to your organization’s group. If anyone can’t make the meeting, going live in your team group will automatically post the recording so they can watch it later.
  10. To top it all, it’s absolutely secure!
    Workplace leverages the same best-in-class frameworks and infrastructure that help to secure consumer. The security layers include being able to grant permissions to particular users in your organization, controlling programmatic access to your content with API security, and enforcing single-sign-on for everyone. The workplace uses proactive security measures from Facebook to protect user accounts authenticated by username and password.

Thus, Workplace by Facebook emerges as a go-to tool for organizations looking for employee connectivity like never before. It’s extremely user-friendly, with an interface suited for easy adoption and usage. Switch to the workplace to transform the way your “workplace” connects and operates.