“It’s not how much money we make that ultimately makes us happy between 9 and 5. It’s whether or not our work fulfills us!”

– Malcolm Gladwell (Bestselling Author)

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a measure that attains how happy an employee is with his job, whether he likes the job, or personal aspects, or other attributes of the job such as domain, salary, etc.

Unlike several other aspects of work, using metrics to define job satisfaction is a challenge. This is incomparable, yet the organisations assess the job satisfaction on the key determinant factors.

Factors That Drive Employee Happiness

  • Pride – The pride of the organization is the main driver of happiness. When there is no sense of pride, employees just do their duties to earn. Those who are proud of their organization are more likely to be happy than those who are not.

  • Appreciation – Appreciation adds a ripple effect and improves morale in the workplace. When employees see that they are being appreciated and recognized, they feel truly satisfied. This gesture motivates them to maintain and improve their performance.

  • Fairness – Impartiality and equality create a productive environment for the employees. In turn, employees feel safe and engaged in the work that they do. The management of the “Best Alignment of Benefits to Business Strategy” winner,  CSSC,  says, “This award is the result of the passion and commitment they put into employee welfare and what they offer their employees.”

  • Respect – Mutual respect at the workplace indicates that the employees are valued for their accomplishments, abilities, and qualities. Respect earned at the workplace helps to promote positive work, hence more productivity!

  • Accomplishments – A sense of accomplishment adds quality to the profile and gives employees the satisfaction of having achieved something valuable in terms of business, financial, or experience.

  • Interest – An employee who gets into the desired and meaningful field that interests him, gives his best at the workplace, and enjoys the job.

  • Assertiveness – Employees need to feel confident about both the future of the organization and their future in the organization. Positive workplace relationships build a sense of security, trustworthiness, and build unity towards the common goals!


Work can be challenging and demanding, but if the employees feel proud of what their organization does, feel respected as an individual, and are appreciated for what they do, they will be happy. And, as a result, are bound to do an excellent job!

The Technology staffing solution at Team Computers not only helps you fill the open technology positions through mapping and matching your resume, but also evaluates the aspects that keep the employees satisfied. After all, employee happiness is a genuine win-win for both the employee and the employer.