In today’s disruptive healthcare industry, the need for modern technology and innovation has skyrocketed. With smartphones within an arm’s reach, millions in the country are now digitally literate. Therefore, when it comes to emergency services, faster information access, digital appointments, tracked medical records, and secured patient history is the need of the hour.

The ultimate challenge for the healthcare sector is to transform seamlessly into the digital suite without increasing its operational costs. The quest is to provide a rich, fast-paced, and on-cloud doctor-patient experience.

The shift from traditional PCs to a cloud-centric workflow seems expensive and cumbersome. But this has been made super simple with Chrome OS.

Benefits of Using Chrome OS

Chrome OS comes with a range of benefits for Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare institutions.

But why should you migrate to Chrome OS today?

1. Increased mobility and speed

The patient-doctor relationship is as crucial as the diagnosis. Meaningless paperwork, long queues, fixed workstations, etc., hinders the effective procurement of patient history and check-ups.

But with Chromebooks or Google Cloud, patients can book their visit on the go, anytime, anywhere. Chrome OS can bring the amount of time wastage to zero. Monitoring and accessing patients’ records can be done in seconds now.

2. Cloud-based enhanced security

The cloud-based console of Chrome OS allows quicker deployments with built-in security, keeping your data confidential.

Multi-tiered security layers of the OS protect critical medical records and financial data. The end-to-end integration protects against external malware. Besides, there is no need to spend a penny on antivirus protection with Chrome devices.

3. Cost Reduction by Shared OS

Cloud’s pay-as-you-go service offers effective cost reduction. The shared workspaces promote the tracking of information among the health staff network.

Comparatively, Chrome devices’ yearly upgrade costs less. The shared OS makes the day-to-day operations hassle-free, allowing increased productivity among the workers. It reduces operational costs as well.

4. High Productivity & Improved Connectivity

The maintenance of Chrome OS devices requires 75% less time as it is cloud-based. The real-time monitoring and deployment of patient data have increased productivity hours by tenfold.

Shared kiosks connect you to your doctor with faster check-ins, seamless collaboration, and a personalized experience. Remote connectivity with staff and tap-and-go virtual care can propel the efficiency of the medical industry.

5. Migrate your sluggish old systems into Chromebooks today! 

This cloud-based operating system requires much less processing power and is simple to set up.

Saving time, money, and effort with Chrome OS lets you give back your precious time to the patients and the people in need.

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