A smart solution to reduce IT CapEx and service issue

We live in a fast-paced, innovation-driven world where advances in technology are marketed and sold regularly. This implies that computers always run the risk of becoming outdated or obsolete. During the current global scenario, most companies encourage employees to work remotely prompting the need for more portable technology. According to a survey by HP, 92% of CIOs are purchasing newer, better systems, and updating from traditional desktops to portable laptops. The coronavirus crisis has also resulted in increased cyber threats– the FBI reported that the number of complaints registered in their Cyber Division has increased to 4000 a day, which is almost 400% increase from what was reported pre-pandemic. Interpol has also stated that there is an increased rate of cyber-attacks aimed at all types of businesses, specifically large corporations, governments, and critical medical organizations.

You may be wondering how a company can deal with these threats and keep up with larger conglomerates when it comes to up-to-date technology. Two options immediately come to mind- either extend older, obsolete hardware (which would limit productivity and create security and maintenance inadequacies) or undertake a big capital expenditure every few years and task your IT resources with handling upgrades.

What if we told you there’s a third more cost-effective alternative?

DaaS: a cost-effective solution

No matter the net turnover of a company, purchasing or refreshing computers every 4 to 5 years involves a substantial amount of expenditure- not only in terms of purchasing the actual hardware but also in terms of training, laptop-desktop maintenance, management, and tailoring these machines to your exact needs.

An efficient way to bypass this entire hardware lifecycle and go straight to productivity is DaaS.

The device as a Service (DaaS) allows organizations to cut expenses by providing the desired hardware device (laptop, desktop, tablets, etc.), and all the necessary related services to customers, for a monthly subscription fee. The DaaS model can shift your large IT budgets to more manageable cash flows with a laptop-desktop renting solution. Providing new technology to your staff is essential for your productivity and growth, and DaaS makes that process simpler by providing a flexible and affordable alternative empowering you to stay focused on your core business functionality.

Advantages of the DaaS Model

According to IDC, around 12-15% of notebooks, laptops, and desktops will be used under a laptop-desktop leasing or DaaS contract by 2020. This is a stark contrast to the 1% PCs being shipped under a DaaS contract in 2014. So we can only expect this service to grow which in itself can be held as proof to the numerous business advantages that this model brings.

  • Financial Benefits
    The main advantage of DaaS is, of course, financial. It pushes costs from CapEx to OpEx. This proves advantageous in today’s market. Competitive industrial standards mean that organizations are required to incur huge capital expenditure to update their devices, this is especially difficult as businesses today don’t necessarily have the additional capital to spend on non-revenue driving activities. Thus forcing them to delay updating their devices which in turn affects their productivity. The DaaS model allows companies to allocate more manageable cash flow over a planned period of time through laptop-desktop leasing, or laptop-desktop renting, allowing you to make more strategic decisions regarding the company’s future investments.
  • Easy Upgrades
    Companies can easily upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan based on their business demands. Whether the company is increasing its needs, or downsizing due to budget confines, they can rent exactly as many systems as and when desired. This cuts down on any loss in productivity. Organizations no longer have to invest in advance on their tech and risk the hardware becoming outdated or obsolete, or face any sort of service or maintenance issues during storage.
  • Increased Productivity
    A report by Intel Corporation states that small businesses lose more than one workweek annually due to outdated technology. There is also the matter of employee frustration and reduced morale while working on antiquated systems and devices. With the DaaS solution, employers can be assured of the latest technology- no more added expense of getting those old PCs fixed, and no more frustrated employees losing productivity because of slow or burdened old devices.
  • Portable Work
    A study conducted by SAP Concur suggests that over 88% of the Indian workforce revealed that they preferred to work remotely. This means that in the near future more and more corporates will adopt a “work anywhere, anytime, on any device” policy. To cope with this demand, most DaaS providers bundle a variety of portable devices and services to enhance your experience of working from home.

  • Reduces IT Workload
    Most DaaS providers package laptop-desktop maintenance and related IT helpdesk services as part of their contract with you. This means that there’s very little burden on your IT staff to configure devices or run diagnostics. It significantly reduces an organization’s operating expenses when the IT requirements are strategically outsourced.As of May 2020,  49% of businesses expect to experience a data breach or cybersecurity attack due to the remote workforce- DaaS providers provide you with additional Antivirus Software and firewall all under one contract.

Team Computers Device as a Service (DaaS) Solution

Team Computers is a bridge between business needs and the world of IT solutions. We see ourselves as a trusted solutions partner. We understand your needs, identify pain-points, and integrate sophisticated technology and high-quality support to provide you with affordable IT solutions in hardware, software, services, mobility, analytics and Cloud with speed, flexibility, and an attitude of selfless service.

  • We do what’s best for you
    We offer you the best in class technologies with any OEM-based contractual renting solution. The DaaS model can shift expenses from large IT budgets to smaller, more manageable cash flow through a device rental or leasing business solution. We enable you to have the best hardware & services within a convenient monthly subscription. Providing new technology to your staff is essential for your productivity and growth, DaaS makes this process simpler by providing a flexible and affordable solution for all your business needs.
  • A holistic business solution
    Team Computers offers the latest technology, the best service, maintenance of devices all under one contract. We offer your business holistic solutions allowing for broad flexibility and upscaling of any hardware, any time.
  • End-to-end device lifecycle management
    From making a clear IT plan, configuring your devices, deploying hardware customized to your needs, timely maintenance, and on-time support, Team Computers is with you throughout the device lifecycle.
  • Customized services
    We tailor our services according to your demands, eliminating the time and expense involved in purchasing, configuring, and deploying hardware- all without sacrificing IT performance. We offer subscription plans according to your specific business needs- Long term OpEx based subscription plans, Short term/immediate computer rentals, and even work from home solution packages- all of which is covered across India.
  • Multiple OEM Partners
    We work with modern devices from Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, and more- ensuring you find the right fit for all your needs with minimum risk of compromise.

Features we offer

At Team Computers we believe in providing the best DaaS solution to help your company grow. Listed below are some of the features we offer as part of our service plan:

  • Simplified management with end-to-end support no matter where you’re working from.
  • Rights to transfer ownership of the assets after the contract expires.
  • Integrated annual damage protection services.
  • Tech refresh based on your IT environment assessment and multi-OEM requirements.
  • Provision of on-time & transparent work reports.
  • Central Helpdesk Support.
  • Dedicated Service Account Manager for all MIS.
  • Monthly Dashboards and reports.
  • Ticket Management Systems for providing proactive triggers and email alerts to business users.
  • SBD response time and NBD resolution (depending on city tier type).

The Team Computers Advantage

With Team Computers on your side some of the advantages you will receive are:

  • We save your organization & IT budgets from avoidable big upfront investments.
  • We help reduce the financial burden by converting expenses from CapEx to OpEx and reduce the amount of depreciating assets in your financial books.
  • We ensure Data Security by bundling additional antivirus software or firewalls all within the monthly subscription cost.
  • We provide long term cost savings by eliminating the cost of managing computer devices.
  • Our unique customized contracts give you the freedom to scale up or scale down your IT assets as per your business requirements.
  • We guarantee hassle-free management & increased efficiency with our uniform SLAs PAN India.

You might consider a DaaS solution to make hardware more affordable in the short term, but it has numerous long-term benefits as well which will have a much greater impact on your business. It isn’t just a temporary thing either, a recent IDC survey concluded that 40.2% of respondents are either planning to engage in DaaS or have already engaged in DaaS for their IT needs over the current year. It also found that over 35% of Fortune 1000 companies already have a DaaS agreement in place, and numerous other companies have completely transitioned to DaaS in 2019. The numbers are only expected to increase, especially with the demands of remote working and the economic effect due to the COVID crisis.

Cost Savings, flexibility, security, sustainability, the latest technology, maintenance, and support all under one contract. If you want to avail of all these benefits for your own company, find trusted vendors who offer you customized plans for your business needs that will ensure smooth sailing into the future.