Work from home is not a new concept, it has been around for a couple of years now. Freelancers from all around the world mostly prefer to work from home (WFH) as they work with multiple clients from different regions. But now work from home has become a mainstream term in the corporate world as well and it’s because of the new set of health and safety protocol.

But is it really beneficial? Will WFH be able to win over traditional 9-5 cubicle jobs?

There are two types of point-of-view people have when it comes to working from home — one type is that WFH isn’t an efficient solution and many of us don’t find the notion of work from home practical. And the other is that WFH is much more productive and makes people have a better work-life balance.

Well, both the thoughts are true; it basically depends on people and how they personally fare when working from home.

Let’s take a look at both the point-of-views.

There are studies that show stats in favor of work from home. Reports suggest that working from home can greatly increase productivity and decrease stress. The same reports also suggest that the idea of working from home is helping companies, as well as employees, save a significant amount of money.

This seems to be making a lot of sense as big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook have captured headlines lately with announcements about permanent work from home. And why not, almost every company today is web-based and without an inch of doubt, the evolving technology has made everything simpler. People today can now connect much easier with each other and carry out work seamlessly.

Talking about the other point of view, arguments here make sense too. Working from home sometimes blurs the lines between work and life and this could be seen lately. Our work is supposed to help us lead a better life, not become our lives.

Furthermore, at this point in time WFH is definitely a solution, but it cannot be a permanent one. While work from home is gaining so much hype, let’s not forget about the collaborative work environment and daily social interactions hold an important place as well.

The Rise Of Work From Anywhere

As businesses continue to grow, the need to have remote teams in different parts of the world becomes really imperative as it helps to build visibility. This is where concepts like working from anywhere (WFA) comes into the picture.

But what exactly is work from anywhere? Work from home is about working from the comfort of your home and not having to commute to work in an office. But on the other hand, work from anywhere doesn’t just confine you to your house; rather, it allows employees to live and work where they choose — whether it’s a café or a co-working space, and in some cases, anywhere in the world — all they require is a computer/laptop and a reliable internet connection.

While many companies are comfortable with the idea of working from home, many companies are already starting to consider shifting from WFH and allow employees to work from anywhere. And why not, the privilege to work from anywhere provides employees the flexibility to create a suitable work-life balance.

People today prefer to have work with companies with flexible schedules based on time zones, personal preferences, etc. However, it wasn’t a practical approach in the past because of the technological restrictions; but today technology has bridged the gap.

Moreover, the concept of work from anywhere has become so popular that the rate of remote workers and the companies who hire them are increasing significantly. And as a result, the hiring landscape is changing significantly, shifting away from the office model in hiring.

This without a doubt is a daunting change but the benefits are definitely great — it provides a wider pool of talents, lowers the cost of hiring and salary, increases employee retention rate, etc.


To gain a competitive advantage, companies must adapt to the latest business trends. The faster and earlier you do so, the more you are likely to stay ahead. And this is what many companies from all around the world have done lately. It is time to advance towards the next level of work from anywhere & anytime approach but just hiring the right technical skills is often not enough. One of the more subtle aspects you need to consider is the commitment of the staff towards developing their career and growing as a professional continuously. Even though the concept of work from anywhere is in the early adoption phase, the recent events definitely show that the future is more in favor of work from anywhere. So it’s the time to hire the best ones for you, expanding your geographies and skills with our Technical Staffing Solutions.

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