Samsung has re-entered the Indian laptop market after a long absence with the launch of six new laptops in March. The New Samsung Laptops introduced are:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro
  • The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360
  • The Samsung Galaxy Book2
  • The Samsung Galaxy Book2 360
  • The Samsung Galaxy Book Go
  • The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Business 

The Intel® Core TM CPUs used in the Galaxy Book2 Business and Galaxy Book2 series are from the 12th Generation, whereas the Snapdragon® 7c Gen 2 Compute Platform is used in the Galaxy Book Go. So, let’s go into the details of the New Samsung Laptops that were recently released.

  1. The Galaxy Book2 Pro 360
    The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 is a 2-in-1 gadget that may be used as a laptop or a Windows tab. With a weight of 1.04 kg and a width of 11.5 mm, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is very compact.
    Further, Samsung has also included compatibility for styluses with the S-Pen. The Book2 Pro 360 has a 1080p touchscreen panel available in 13.3- or 15.6-inch sizes. The Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is driven by an Intel 12th generation core i7 CPU and has USB Type-C charging, WiFi 6E and a Full HD cam. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 will be available with 512 GB of storage and 16 GB of RAM.
  2. Galaxy Book2 Pro
    Galaxy Book2 Pro is the non-2-in-1 edition of those mentioned above and will be available in 13.3- and 15.6-inch screen sizes. While the specs stay the same, the Book2 Pro is lighter at 0.87 kg and thinner at 11.2 mm. Connect with people in ways you never have before with a video conference solution that has been tuned to ensure you always appear your best. Galaxy Book2 Pro boasts an enhanced full-HD camera. It has 1080-pixel wide-angle views, allowing your personality to come through in every conversation, from virtual meetings to late-night calls with your family. Maintain the attention wherever you want it — on yourself — with auto framing that leaves you in emphasis automatically and backdrop effects that eliminate external distractions in your backdrop. You will also sound incredible, thanks to enhanced Dolby At most audio and sophisticated noise cancellation that helps reduce unwanted noise.
    However, the laptop does not support a touch screen and is available in silver and graphite Colors.
  3. Galaxy Book2 360
    At 1.16 kg and 12.9 mm, the non-pro form of the Galaxy Book2 360 is somewhat bulkier and thicker than the “Pro” model. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 360 has a 720p webcam and stylus input through the S-Pen, sold separately.The product dimensions of the New Samsung Laptops include 11.98” X 7.95” X 0.51”, and The colors available are silver and graphite. You can take this laptop everywhere and wherever you want as you will have enough power for all your favorite activities thanks to a long-lasting battery. You may travel for hours and enjoy a cord-free existence on a single charge. Recharge rapidly with a universal fast charger that restores 40% of battery power in only 30 minutes when you need an energy boost. With Galaxy Book2 360, you can enjoy optimized video conversations to make you look and sound your sharpest during meetings. Allow your personality to shine with an HD camera that is exceptionally sharp and clear, whether you are doing a remote working session or an unexpected conversation with family or friends.
  4. Galaxy Book2 Business
    Geared for business customers, the New Samsung Laptops, the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Business has Samsung's defense-grade security features, Intel Hardware Shield Technology, and a protected integrated processor to safeguard the BIOS.Further, the Galaxy Book2 Business, a 14-inch display size, also has a Tamper Alert feature that identifies and monitors hostile attempts to breach security and essential data.Aimed for contemporary workspaces, the Galaxy Book2 Business has a “Studio Mode” and auto-framing function via the Full-HD camera to ensure crystal-clear online meetings.
  5. Galaxy Book Go
    This 14-inch laptop powered by the Snapdragon® 7c Gen 2 Compute Platform leverages Windows 11’s instant-on capabilities. The Galaxy Book Go is aimed at students and has a long-lasting battery and military-grade toughness.Connect your gadgets and seamlessly transition between business and personal life on your Galaxy Book Go. Configure it as a second screen to double your productivity. Quick Share enables instant file sharing across devices. Utilize a more prominent display to play mobile games. Alternatively, connect your Galaxy Buds Pro and seamlessly transition between video conferencing and keeping up with friends.The laptop does not support a touchscreen with only silver color.
  6. The Galaxy Book Flex Alpha
    The Galaxy Book Flex Alpha switches quickly from laptop to tablet mode with a single rotation. On the 13.3" display, you may easily take notes, give slideshows, or watch programs. Additionally, an illuminated keyboard makes it simple to do late-night assignments. Connect your favorite devices and accessories through HDMI or USB 3.0, and expand your storage space with a MicroSD card.SDXC cards up to 2 TB are supported by the built-in card reader. Boasting up to 12 GB of RAM and your option of a powerful Intel® CoreTM i5 or i7 CPU, you will experience split-second response and seamless multitasking. Further, stream entertainment with little latency and benefit from a near-instantaneous launch and up to 512 GB of storage on an SSD.

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