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It’s been a busy year for G Suite. Gmail celebrated its 15th birthday and launched a slew of updates at Google Cloud Next ‘19. News about G Suite—intelligent apps that make working together easier, for faster decisions and better business results.

The new features focus on helping you write emails faster (with the help of machine learning), and also made it possible to schedule when your emails go through to colleagues. Gmail also got more dynamic so that you can take action straight from within your inbox, like resolving Google Docs comments. Lastly, Gmail’s mobile interface a good sprucing up—hello gorgeous!

With the belief that all work tools should integrate together easily, no matter if they’re Google apps or apps outside of G Suite. A new way introduced to comment on Microsoft files and beefed up integrations with Dropbox.

The best way to know these updates is by doing!
We’re excited to announce new G Suite Hands-on Labs! Built for you to test, create and learn the G Suite way.

Who should participate:
If you are part of Strategy, HR, Marketing or IT and want to learn how your organization efficiency could be increased using G Suite, you must be part of this lab.

What will you get:
– A deep dive on industry use cases and do it yourself.
– Learn how to manage the change in your organization.
– Resources and material that can be used in your organization to bring this change.

The first Lab begins in September’19. Stay tuned for updates!