Challenges don’t come announced. At the same time, ballooning IT infrastructure costs are always accompanied by increased IT infra maintenance costs and the need for larger IT teams. This is when Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) comes in the picture. It comprises the process of managing the [IT infrastructure]( of an organization entirely, or in parts from a remote location. The entire physical infrastructure is geographically separated from the management of the IT services, manifested as the Command Centre (CC).

Most organizations operate across geographies, thus their IT infrastructure, which forms the basis of all other operations is also scattered across various functional areas. With the emergence of the RIM CC, the management of the IT infrastructure is centrally conducted with greater coordination, maintenance, and reparability. Most organizations outsource the entire RIM processes to other IT service providers which have experience as well as expertise in managing IT infrastructures.

Now, how does a centralized IT infrastructure help?

Centralized IT infrastructure management offers better coordination and helps IT be an enabler of innovation. Further benefits of a centralized Command Center include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Improved Availability
  • Real-time resolution of issues
  • Increased productivity, flexibility and efficiency

With the outsourcing of RIM processes, the enterprise can focus better on their core business functionality, and meet their ever-growing business requirements without inflating their IT budget. The process of monitoring datacenter, networks, devices, storage, security, servers, ERP, database, applications and services from a remote location enhances the ability to perform remedial actions to enable continuous availability. With RIM, an administrator needs to make on-site repairs only when hardware fails.

Team Computers proudly hosts the presence of two RIM Command Centers in Gurugram and Bengaluru. These centers are equipped with the following features:

  1. 24*7 Availability: Our Remote Infrastructure Managed Services are designed to enable a high business uptime while reducing the burden of cost and bandwidth.
  2. Stringent Processes & Tools: The shared model ensures a significant cost reduction by providing tools & resources.
  3. Skilled Resources: We have an industry certified team. Our governance & technical team focuses on simplified visibility to your setup through dashboards & notifications.

The Project Governance Team at the central CC Desk aims to provide uninterrupted and uniform services by following the described flow:

With the Real-time Monitoring of Processes, 24*7, the resolution of issues becomes highly proactive. At the same time, there is a direct integration with Key systems to monitor the process and end-user applications for alerts. The quality of the functioning is ensured by well-defined and scripted responses and actions for the CC desk.

Analytics helps to pinpoint the pain areas by issuing tickets and resolving issues, ensuring the 360-degree system for incident management. Each step from the ticket issue is closely monitored to guarantee a record response time. The process even includes customer feedback to define how satisfactorily was the process carried out. The process of identification of the root cause of the improvement, followed by the feedback is duly carried out.

Thus, availing remote infrastructure services can assist enterprises in reducing their overall risks while improving user satisfaction levels. This amassment of advanced technologies, top-notch equipment, and 24X7 support benefits enterprises with unparalleled network redundancy and uptime.