Planning to get a new laptop for your business but confused about which one to choose? It happens to the best of us when we’re presented with a confusing range of the most lucrative options. While most of us go with customer reviews and total cost, a few of us have a taste for the right operating system.

Windows and Apple both provide a premium range of laptops. Each of them comes with its advantages. The popular models are the Windows 11 and MacBook Air for business. While Windows has better login and gaming options, MacBooks have better integration with Apple mobiles.

Through this blog, let us analyze the different parameters to select a business laptop. We shall compare Windows and MacBook for business purposes. Based on how they fare and their unique requirements, you can make the final choice.

MacBook Vs. Windows: Parameters of comparison

While choosing between a Windows and MacBook laptop, ensure that you keep the critical factors in mind, like integrations, compatibility with different software, voice features, navigation, and overall costs.

  • Initial setup
    It is easy to install initial setup software in both Windows and MacBook. The OS automatically downloads the driver software for ports and drives. With Microsoft Cortana, you can give voice commands for installation. In either case, you do not need to sign in to an Apple or Microsoft account separately.
  • Third-party software compatibility
    Both Windows and MacBook are compatible with many third-party apps. The inbuilt app store lets you download business apps of your choice. For example, you can download video recording software, Photoshop, etc., on either laptop. But, do not expect these platforms to provide you with the same comfort level as your mobile devices.
  • Hardware integrations
    When it comes to external hardware for your business laptop, Windows has the upper hand. You can easily integrate graphics cards, CPUs, and other storage systems. However, MacBook has an upscale look and design options, especially with the optional 5K screens on iMacs. Windows 11 for business gives the option to connect superior-quality VR Headsets or HoloLens.
  • Touch options
    Windows provides superior touch inputs, as compared to the MacBook. For example, with the Windows tablet mode, you can navigate between the keyboard and screen for inputs. In addition, you can use a pen to input data. Your handwriting is automatically recognized and converted to text. With MacBook, the touch option is available only via MacBook Pros using the Touch Bar option.
  • Search functionality
    Both Windows and MacBook have equally good search functionality. You can either use the search bar or utilize the voice search functionality. The search bar in Windows is more versatile and displays results like apps, weather, stock prices, etc.
  • Voice integration
    When it comes to voice commands between MacBook vs. Windows, MacBook has Siri, while Windows has Cortana. Both Cortana and Siri are good at giving results of daily weather, YouTube videos, stock prices, map directions, etc. But, Cortana is superior to Siri in the case of the logging off feature. You can use Cortana to log out of your system, but the same is not applicable for Siri. Similarly, Cortana can easily integrate with Amazon’s Alexa and send voice commands to it.
  • Safety and security features
    In the case of safety and security, MacBook has the upper hand. It is less prone to cybersecurity threats like phishing, malware, and ransomware. However, both Windows and MacBook have robust VPN support. Since MacBook has its native hardware ecosystem, they are more stable. Windows’ instability here is due to its overdependence on third-party drivers.
  • Gaming functionality
    Gaming functionality is more developed in a Windows ecosystem. Many top titles on Steam are compatible with the Windows OS. You can even stream PlayStation games through the Xbox app. You can also stream or record your gaming activities to Microsoft’s mixer community using the Windows 10 Game Bar.
  • Desktop and file navigation
    It is much easier to go for desktop navigation using Windows. You can easily open multiple tabs and navigate between these. Be it a webpage or a folder, you can arrange it side-by-side on a single screen for compelling viewing. In addition, both MacBook and Windows help you create multiple virtual desktops.
    Both Windows and MacBook Air for business have relatively efficient file searching features. With Windows, you can easily track your last saved file, while MacBook allows you to use multiple tabs while searching for your favorite file.
  •  Overall costs
    Windows laptops have more versatile options and are comparatively less priced. While MacBook has competitive and stylish models, they are in the higher price range.

MacBook vs. Windows debate: Which one to choose?

Whether MacBook Air or Windows 11 for business, selecting the right laptop can majorly impact your business decisions. While shortlisting either Windows or MacBook for business, focus on speed, flexibility, third-party devices’ compatibility, etc. Ensure that you review your requirements thoroughly to get a cost-effective laptop for your workplace.

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