The Healthcare industry is rapidly changing day by day, facing fresh challenges such as ever-tightening budgets and smaller teams. Thus in the world of today Healthcare teams need to stay connected, all while working smarter as well as giving the best care and support to their patients, even if the odds are stacked against them!

The new Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is helping Healthcare providers and their Teams to meet all the demands of the modern-day world, by reinventing the way of collaboration.

  1. Collaboration Standards
    With the new Surface Hub 2S, collaborate from anywhere in the world with crisp clear videos on the brilliant 4K screen. This improves teamwork and boosts creativity in a way that’s intuitive and approachable with familiar tools like Microsoft Teams, Whiteboard, and Skype for Business. The Microsoft Hub 2S also helps companies run simulation scenarios for Medical students or even retrain health specialists to gain more practical experience in today’s virtual mode. It is even said that more than 50% of work is done through collaboration! Hence a proper tool is required to help your Healthcare team to work with the best of their capabilities.

    Image Credits: Microsoft Surface
  2. Mobility
    From conference rooms to Office spaces, work where ideas strike as the Microsoft Hub 2S is wireless and can be used without being connected to a plug socket, thanks to the all new APC chargers, Additionally, it also contains a Steelcase Roam stand making it extremely convenient for users to easily transition between Doctor’s cabin to Patient’s room. Providing an ease to your healthcare team to explain the minor and major details with live images, explaining the test results on the big screens directly to the Patient. Lastly, It’s ultra thin design ensures that the device can be easily moved between smaller Patient rooms, making it a perfect companion for your healthcare center.

    Image Credits: Microsoft Surface
  3. Transform the way of Engagement
    With the surface hub 2S running Microsoft 365, Professionals can now teach Med students remotely and run conference calls with your field force to keep the entire team abreast of the latest developments. All this can be done while working closely with patients, with the new Microsoft Whiteboard, the digital canvas that’s open to everyone!. This also allows you to work easily with fellow specialists to put together the best treatment plans, manage care teams while simultaneously keeping up with patient status through Team Skype for Business.

    Image Credits: Microsoft Surface

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