When the world was hit with the pandemic, the shift to remote working was sudden and sweeping. With millions working remotely, ‘business as unusual’ became ‘business as new normal’. There’s a rising approach towards adapting to a new normal of remote working and work from home. Business leaders are scrambling with how to grow their terrains, optimizing IT budgets while transforming workplaces digitally and technologically. In this current scenario of changing business dynamics, you must have got lots of choices in the technology arena too but some of them may end up being an inappropriate choice for your business needs and cost you a lot more than expected. So, it’s time to make your decision making steadier and wiser, increasing your employees’ efficiency and productivity by putting the power of Apple in your business.

  1. Designed for every business & every role
    Looking at the transforming business landscape, you need a device that fits every role of your organization, be it marketing, sales, finance, HR, or operations. From healthcare, banking, FMCG, finance to any industry in the cosmos, and from small to big all-sized organizations, Apple products are designed to cater to all of them. They are integrated into the eco-system easily, providing utilities for every industry vertical.
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  2. High-grade security
    Remote working has created a bigger hole for cyber attackers. Hence, increasing threat to security, indeed a pitfall for your organization. At this point and time, devices need to be highly encrypted and secured. This is one of the main reasons why most of the organizations today are choosing Apple products for their employees. The key security features in Apple such as Touch ID, hardware-based encryption, Face ID, and many more are enabled in all devices such that you don’t need to perform extensive configuration. It is saving both your time and resources.
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  3. Compatible with the existing eco-system for any organization
    Apple devices harmonize with all eco-systems with both windows and google applications. Employees can work with their favorite apps and systems within the existing infrastructure and remember, to do great work, employees need to love how they do.
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  4. Zero-touch deployment
    With the easy zero-touch deployment, the efforts to set up, distribute, and manage according to the company compliances gets sorted and simpler. With Apple Business Manager and MDM solution, the devices can be used by the employees right after boxing out without any manual configurations by the IT team.
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  5. Cost-effective
    While the initial cost is believed to be more expensive than other devices but when you calculate the residual value, additional software and upgrades, and the cost of managing and supporting these devices, Apple Mac will end up being a relatively cheaper choice for every organization. With few financing solutions, it can be the most cost-effective investment for the company optimizing budgets.
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Strengthening IT budgets, channelizing energies towards better business strategies is the current need of the hour to tackle and eliminate outages in the businesses, and increase IT operational and management maturity. Simple yet intuitive devices by Apple are empowering all organizations and employees to perform at their best and increase productivity.

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