Work from home is not a new concept to the companies, but Covid-19 has definitely rushed the process. Now, the pandemic has many employees planning to work in the same way in the long run that they hadn’t previously considered. But with changing working patterns, comes the changing way to handle the situation. Managers are shifting away from directing work to employees towards training them to success. They are helping them build social and emotional connections to ensure that they feel connected with their co-workers and work seamlessly. The communications are becoming more open, giving corrective feedback, and revamping the team’s objectives and expectations. Learn how Apple is helping employees to be more productive >

Let’s list down a few positive impacts quantified with these transformations:

  • A study by Stanford found that the productivity in employees while work from home can be increased 13% more than in traditional settings previously. A study from OWLLabs in 2019 also stated that people are 24% more likely to report feeling happier while working from home being more productive at their jobs.
  • There is a 50% increase in employee retention rates while working from home. And they are less likely to take sick leaves for not being exposed to germs in the workplace and travel space.
  • Most evidently, there is a reduction in overhead costs for both employees and employers. Also, reduced traveling is protecting the environment with fewer vehicles on the streets.
  • While some industry sectors like IT have been following the remote working policies for a long, but according to a report by Business Insider, the phenomenon is increasing in other industries also like legal, marketing, project management, real estate, insurance, and nonprofits.
  • We all know that remote working is here to stay now. The recent survey of remote workers found that 99% of them overwhelmingly said they wanted to work from home, at least some of the time in their careers.

With this changing approach, the expectations from IT companies to make the process of remote working seamless is more than ever today.

Let us know how Apple & Team Computers are working together on seamless deployment & integrations of devices within your organization with doorstep delivery across India to enable productive & efficient remote working for your employees.

  1. Apple in business gets the right performance & power to employees to work at best from wherever they work. With the latest processors, the RAM and storage you need, and all-day battery life, Apple ends up being the best technology to adapt from wherever you work. This enables employees to stay focused on what is more essential for your business to do, quickly, comfortably, and in their own way.
    Learn how Apple is helping employees to be more productive >
  2. Apple allows you to connect with your teams and collaborate with your customers from anywhere anytime with iCloud. With all live updates on all your devices, you and your collaborators will be able to be on the same page always. Also, work with the team on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets together.
  3. Apple enables easy management and zero-touch deployment. We help you to set up and deploy Apple devices throughout your organization at any scale. Apple Business Manager and MDM solution automate the enrollment process of devices, simplify their configuration & management, and enable wireless sharing.
    Learn more about zero-touch deployment
  4. Team Computers’ adoption managers & customer experience officers do on-site as well as virtual training and workshops to help employees take maximum advantage of the unique features of Apple devices which are meant to enhance your business & their productivity.
  5. With Apple devices, you also save time & resources on encryptions and configurations as they are absolutely secured by design & help you keep your business away from cyber threats.
    Learn more about Apple’s platform security
  6. And last but not the least, Apple devices can be less expensive than other devices in your system not only because of its total costs of ownership but also with the great customizable financial solutions offered by Team Computers.
    Learn more about Apple affordability

So introduce Apple devices to your new work from anywhere system without any worry with Team Computers’ Apple experts.
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