Over the past few years, the demands and habits of the current generation have changed rapidly.

● Desktop—-> Laptops—>Mobile Phones/Tablets,
● Email—->SMS—>Whatsapp
● Face to Face Meetings—> Hangouts Real-Time Social Collaboration.

The 3 statements above summarize this change. According to a recently published State of the Digital Customer Experience Report 2019, customers are 18% more likely to reach out with a service inquiry through a digital channel in 2019 vs 2018. The population today is a mobile digitally empowered generation. 47% of the respondents said they were more likely to become an advocate of a brand if the brand provided a great experience.

Today’s generation demands real-time access to information. It is a generation demanding a frictionless customer experience. India, as a nation, has adopted this trend aggressively through its “Digital India” Programme with its three main pillars, Digital Infrastructure as a core utility to every citizen, Governance and Services on Demand and the Digital Empowerment of Citizens. With this in mind, it becomes imperative for brands to ask if their customer experience lives up to the expectations of the modern workforce? And with this journey in mind, do the IT systems in place support this journey brands are beginning to take? Most Auto companies today are yet to make that jump and are still operating with systems that are legacy. It’s time to Re-Imagine.

With the enhancing digital experience, mobile applications account for almost 80% of the total mobile time spent by smartphone users. AI and chatbots are the trending technologies which various organizations have incorporated into their existing apps and systems to drive and improve user engagement and experience. All an organization needs is a reliable source that can build a feature-rich, engaging mobile app that not only ensures success but also drive the causes digitally.

Here are 7 ways the TeamWorks app by Team Computers can innovate the functioning of your business.

With automated workflows, keep an eye on all the sales processes!

  • Create automated workflows to streamline sales process to manage business leads, sales forecasts, and team performance.
  • Track communications with your customers, by building up a complete history of interactions, sales, and activities.
  • Effectively utilize past data to forecast sales and utilize scarce resources.
  • Particularly efficient in case of a remote workforce. Sales professionals working from home or those on the go can login and access information.
  • The task of report creation on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis is significantly simplified due to the easy availability of data.

Work anytime, anywhere and get it counted!

  • Work anytime, anywhere and get it counted! With the attendance monitoring system, check productivity hours and monthly reports. No tiresome records of working hours, attendance can be recorded with just a touch of a finger!
  • Approve attendance of teammates, in case of a manager and check their reports simultaneously. Avoid the lengthy procedure of report submission and approval.
  • Integrate an easy two-step leave approval process to ease the process of leave recording and availability. It can be further integrated with payroll/HRMS, and other existing systems, eg, payroll calculation.
  • Lend HR the ability to update holidays and announcements for easy access and notifications to each employee within the organization.
  • Sync employee travel plans with respective calendars, making them visible to the colleagues to check previous and upcoming travels.

Hassle-free order management, track inventory and avoid stockouts

  • Easily streamline the administration of business processes related to orders of goods and services. Not just that, create and edit lists of customers basis their orders and the subsequent deliveries.
  • With the access to stocks to the clients, take orders and process them with real-time stock updates.
  • Keep a minute check at the procurement of orders, their delivery until the last stage of delivery and invoice acceptance.
  • Process the payment against the orders with the app payment gateway.

Project governance made easy

  • When you use project management with mobile apps, you’re giving yourself and your team the ability to manage their projects, irrespective of them being in office, on-site, or anywhere else!
  • For team managers, it becomes incredibly easier to gain the control they need to manage online projects.
  • Now create a new project, add tasks and deadlines with ease like never before!
  • Not only is your reporting more accurate, but the whole team is aware of where the project actual is, not a snapshot of the project’s most recent past.
  • Update locations of the project, it is easily followed up by the concerned person.
  • The team can easily “Start” and “End” their projects by tracking the location and undertaking the work.

One app for all your event management needs

  • Make arrangements for your next event without any worry.
  • Raise requests to the admin, check availability of the venue, and update the headcount, all from the same platform!
  • Send event notifications from the app, no need to take refuge in the lengthy email threads!
  • Optimize your budget, cover more than half of your work digitally.
  • Generate event invoices and subsequent payment procedures from the app’s payment gateway.

There’s no way you would go low on stock

  • Save yourself the embarrassment of accepting orders and not being able to deliver!
  • With past records and data, analyze where and how all the stock was employed.
  • Give clients a peek into your storage to help them choose their requirements better.
  • Avoid stockouts and keep the cycle of stocking and restocking smooth with real-time updates of the stock movement.
  • Check dealer requirements by providing app access to them to predict future sales.

Provide more than just your product/service

  • Inform and enhance people’s knowledge of their activities.
  • Provide insights into the why’s and how’s of complex activities to broaden horizons beyond just your individual services.
  • Provide attention to sections of the society, educate the unaware or simply enhance knowledge by investing in a learning and development app.

So why wait? Adopt ways to up your mobility game like never before! Invest in a suitable mobile to gain a one-stop solution for all your digital needs and requirements!