Every organization’s aim is to deliver value to its customers in real-time, but for this vision of the organizations to turn into reality we need a foundational change! And this foundational change in today’s time is Digital Transformation. No success today can be achieved without digitalizing human efforts. Because it’s not just optimizing costs of day to day operations of businesses, but also delivering value to its customers in real-time with a more disciplined User Journey.

West Bend, one of the leading insurance companies of today has been providing a broad insurance base to homes, auto and businesses. Keeping pace with the technology trends, West Bend decided to change its existing outdated information system, and come up with a more modern, mobile-responsive portal for its policyholders with Liferay.



West Bend was seeking to provide their policyholders and agents with an easy-to-use digital platform that provided them with real-time insights to information, a simple, efficient and intuitive path to their digital journey. Customer demands had changed, but the existing technology stacks were not up to the mark to match with those demands. West Bend wanted a more modern approach towards their existing information system which was fulfilled by their new Partner portal and Customer portal, with Liferay. All the challenges faced by the organization were immediately met by the new portals.

  • Old technology did not meet customer expectations – the existing technology was not up to the mark as per the existing tech-trends, customers and agents wanted a flexible and simpler platform to work upon. And this was increasing the cost of operation and the number of support calls significantly.
  • Real-time customer information was not available – the response time was very slow, agents could not access the important information needed instantly.
  • The quoting system was time-intensive and not intuitive – since the access to information was not real-time, it took a lot of time for the agents to carry out the quoting process which made them reluctant to provide quotes ahead.

Why Liferay?

Liferay ‘s Partner Portal and Customer Portal were the best solutions to West Bend since Liferay is known for its user-friendliness and easy adaptability. Secondly, it is easy to build and maintain our own applications with Liferay. Both customers and agents picked up the tech-tool instantly. And lastly, Liferay allows easy integration with the existing third-party applications.

How did Liferay’s Partner Portal and Customer Portal provide an enhanced User Experience to its Policyholders?

Liferay’s Partner Portal and customer Portal play a very key role in the success of a company over competitors, building a personalized and customized user experience is vital for any organization today to survive in the market and cope with the upcoming technology trends.



  • Self-service Account Management – the policyholders could now have quick and easy access to their account anytime, they could view and manage their billing-related information, payments, billing statements and choose their mode of payment out of available choices. With this, they did not have to rely on any representative to edit, manage or close their accounts.
  • Role-based content delivery – all the policyholders had access to a single URL with a unique page view, depending upon the user’s role, group, and preferences. It led to better and quicker decisions in both the short and long term, this made the entire online processing system very convenient and easy to adapt.
  • Mobile responsive – the policyholders had a frictionless user experience across any device may it be a desktop, mobile or tablet. The new portals were equally responsive on the website or any mobile application in no-time.
    Liferay shows easy and quick responsiveness to any device maintaining the same look and feel of a website.
  • Dashboards – this feature of the customer portal allowed the policyholders to customize information as per their choices, from shortcuts to key data and every other information as per personal requirement. This was done by creating Dashboards. By consolidating existing systems into personalized Dashboards the customers get only the relevant information as per their needs.

How did the new Liferay Portals prove to be an Aid to the Agents of the organization?



  • Personalization – the new portals paid due attention to the needs, wants, and the workflow of the agents as per their specific needs. The agents first discovered the eligibility of risk and were then supplied with minimum data required to generate a quote. This feature of personalized data made the agents more willing to do the quoting process since it was a lot easier now.
  • Time-responsiveness – the quoting process that took hours earlier, was now carried out in less than 10 minutes. With real-time access to information and quick processing of that information the frequency of quoting online, which had dwindled to 20% earlier raised to 65% within months. It not only helped the agents but also increased customer satisfaction by reducing the wait-time for them.
  • Web Content Management – it helped the website to be efficient and effective globally. The key features of the portals like localization, multi-language support, and role-based content delivery worked together to support large, complex partner networks globally with ease.
  • Search and Tagging – the search management feature allowed West Bend to easily manage and control the website Index and other search engine features, making information readily available to agents at the time of need. Next, the tagging feature of the portal allowed to categorize information which made it easier to find it more than once.

How to get the third-party Applications Integrated?


It was a huge advantage that with Liferay Partner Portal, West Bend could easily integrate its existing third-party software and databases. It was able to build a very powerful, efficient and much more responsive Partner Portal with Liferay’s feature of third party integration.

Liferay DXP customer portal and partner portal provides fields to easily add other third-party tools through customization so that they can serve your customers together. It allows you to maintain your existing IT investments simultaneously taking advantage of Liferay’s modern platform.

Liferay allowed West Bend to roll out a modern and responsive Portal for its Personal and Business policyholders. It was the first time that the organization was able to directly deliver real-time key information to its policyholders which in turn reduced costs and support calls received by the staff for non-clarity of information. Liferay assisted the organization all through to deliver an end-to-end information system to its users, with a much more enhanced and improved user journey.


For any business to be successful today the ability to reach audiences touchpoints is imperative. All the hype for improving user experience isn’t for nothing. Once the businesses get it right, the payoff is phenomenal.

West Bend is just one out of several others who have reached this milestone of an extraordinary digital experience for its customers with Liferay, but there are many more who are sailing in the same boat and have made a mark for themselves.

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Disclaimer: The information within this case study is based on facts, research, and recent achievements of Airbus and Liferay solely. This is in no relation to any work done by Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.