The customer demand is evolving with every passing day, today customer demands modernization, flexibility, scalability and whatnot, all at their door-step. But is the demand being met with adequate supply?

Digital transformation is currently ruling over every industry with a mutual goal of a disciplined user journey. Every organization is striving to bind its employees, Partners, and end-customers in an integrated network. Keeping the customer at the heart of the business, Liferay DXP comes with a combination of the most effective and efficient features your next portal must have, that will enhance your User Journey like never before!

Why Liferay?

Liferay is known for its user-friendliness and easy adaptability, it is easy to build and maintain our own applications with Liferay. Both customers and agents pick up the tech-tool instantly. And lastly, Liferay allows easy integration with the existing third-party applications.

What are the challenges that a user faces while his online portal journey?



#challenge1 My online Journey is not personalized

Customized Dashboards – adding a touch of personalization to your user journey this feature of customized dashboards gathers all the information of your use at a single platform, from shortcuts to key data to your favorite products or services. By consolidating the existing systems into personalized Dashboards customer gets only the relevant information as per needs and reduces the time utilized for the same task. By using the drag-and-drop design the user can optimize Dashboards from time to time based on the applications used on a daily basis.


#challenge2 My Data is generic and not specific

Role-based Content Delivery – this features allows all the users to access a single URL and see a unique page view every time as per the user group, role, and preferences. The users can now manage their website according to their personal choice, in the way they see fit. They can create their own pages and content and keep a check on their members. This leads to better and quicker decisions in both the short and long term and makes the entire online processing system very convenient and easy to adapt for the user.


#challenge3 The website is not mobile responsive 

Mobile Experience Platform – this feature in your portal will allow your website to be compatible with all web, tablet and mobile devices conveniently. Liferay DXP CSS framework is designed to work with browsers on all platforms. Maintaining the same look and feel and the theme of the website, this features reduces the wait time and enhances the user journey by increasing the mobility and easy to use factor.


#challenge4 My Data is not Localised 

Web Content Management – This feature of the portal allows the website to run smoothly all across the globe. The experience of a user will vary from region to region having a unique user journey, yet maintaining the authenticity of the website. A website can be in different languages and deliver only the relevant content to the user of that particular location. The key features like localization, multi-language support work together to support large, complex partner networks globally with ease.


#challenge5 I cannot find what I want 

Search and Tagging –  the search management feature allows to easily manage and control the website Index and other search engine features, making information readily available to users at the time of need. Self-service tools like knowledge bases and forums enable employees to quickly find relevant information. Next, the tagging feature of the portal allows categorizing information which makes it easier to find it more than once. This pre-hand organization of data saves time and optimizes costs.


#challenge6 I am not able to make changes in my portal frequently 

Scalability and flexibility – The size of a business’ customer or partner base when creating a portal may not stay consistent and, in the case of continued growth, may quickly balloon in size. The feature supports tens of thousands of users simultaneously and allows to make changes in real-time. It allows quick and easy access, changes can be made in no time as per the present and past requirements of the user. Thus, Using the portal gets very flexible and easy to adapt.


For any business to be successful today the ability to reach audiences touchpoints is imperative. All the hype for improving user experience isn’t for nothing. Once the businesses get it right, the payoff is phenomenal. Portals simplify the user journey and make it all the more interactive and engaging for a user to hold on to a website. Hence innovative features in a portal will help organizations built great user experiences and gain customer satisfaction.

While some are still making up their minds there are several industries who have already started to drive the digital change in their organizations with Liferay Portals.

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