Up and running on Workplace

Identifying the Right Use Cases

Identification of the why, who, what, how and when for Workplace. We will work with you closely to pick easy and popular use cases for quick success.

Creating Champions

Recognize the users who are doing their best in driving the change.v Our Customer Success team will closely work to enable your champions so they are able to promote and train users on Workplace.

Creating Excitement

We want to get as many users to login as soon as possible. Creative Campaigns and Pre-launch events will be conducted to ensure your users are excited about the change to come.

Executive Training

Management involvement is key to driving change. Our team will ensure that they are up and running with the features of Workplace and with use cases that fit their roles and responsibilities.


Regular monitoring and communication with management and sponsors on the progress of usage and RoI.

Custom Integration & BOTS

Delight your employees and reduce friction in their busy work lives by implementing our automation bots, customizations, and more!

Build bots that automatically posts content into groups, respond to questions with extra information or take action when mentioned in comments on a post. Build bots that can converse with people in Work Chat, provide information in real time, or handle requests with structured conversation elements like quick replies and persistent menus.

Meet our Workplace Experts

Prashant Dheer Gupta

Business Head

Meenakshi Verma Tripathi

Lead - Customer Success