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Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) all your data sources with Qlik

Combine flat files, enterprise applications, big data or external data. The Qlik Associative engine indexes all possible relationships so you navigate through all your data without the risk of data loss or inaccuracy, without being limited to linear exploration.

Self-service, guided and embedded analytics to custom applications and reporting

Qlik is designed to support the full spectrum of BI use cases on all devices, so you can get the answers you need anytime, anywhere. Deliver these right to your user’s inbox using Qlik Nprinting,

Deploy Qlik on-prem, in the cloud or anywhere in between

Qlik brings security, scalability and performance to the table and provides easy movement in the future. Control user privileges and data access across your organization to add the layer of security and governance your business demands.

Big data & IOT driven advanced analytics

Whether it be Big data or IoT, Qlik can help find deeper insights and enable anyone in your organization to derive value from it. Qlik’s open architecture allows for the extensive usage of APIs not just for visualization but for powerful advanced analytics through its Qlik Advanced Analytics integration.

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Get the total flexibility of analytics whether it be guided, embedded to self service. Create and collaborate on any device. Use advanced and interactive visualizations to get insights from your data and share it with your teams to drive innovation together.

Guide your users to data discovery with Qlikview Guided Analytics that are both highly customizable and super secure.

Combine your internal data with Qlik ready to use external data to add perspective to your data to gain better insights.

Distribute the reports you create on Qlikview and Qlik Sense using Qlik’s advanced reporting and distribution system.

Reveal geographic relationships in your data through Qlik’s mapping capabilities to make better location-related decisions.

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