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Overview of Managed Services

The increasing complexity of IT systems make it tough for industries to run, maintain, and improve systems. Here, our wider range of Managed services are proved valuable.

With our next-gen managed service framework, we optimize service resilience, reduce the overall downtime and minimize operational costs up to 40% or more.

Some of our major end-to-end services includes:

  • Service Integration and Management ITIL
  • Framework and NOC (Network & Operation Center)
  • Business Processes as a Service
  • IT Infrastructure Managed Services Vendor Management, Cost effectiveness, Contract Handling
  • Data center Management Services
  • Extended Remote support during Lockdown

Next Generation Managed Services

We usually position Managed services tools as a solution to our IT problems, instead how a tool can benefit a business.

Whatever diversified models we declare in Managed Services, anybody can do it. But when it comes to business, we need to align service delivery with business processes.

The most critical element of creating a differentiated Managed Services is to shift from people-centric models to self-service capabilities with zero employee downtimes and hence delivering a better experience to customers.

This process reversal in the Managed Services Next Gen model can be a game-changer for business success.

Seamless Service Delivery during Pandemic

Many Businesses were already strengthening their operations with digital tools & capabilities, but COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of speeding up this transition. Managed services provide businesses with solutions technologies like artificial intelligence, trusted intelligence, and automation, as well as the technical expertise required to master them.
We are focused on our Business Continuity Plan in COVID 19 Era:

  • 8000+ calls resolved in last 6 month through remote support.
  • Extended Support in Lockdown,
  • WFH users are guided with their queries and small training sessions whenever required.
  • Extended on call Support in critical emergencies.
  • Daily Monitoring and evening team connect is being done to share the updates and progress of the day.
  • OS updating activity carried out as remote activity
  • Provide Support for VIP user on more than 90 Case.

Our Managed Services

Explore an array of trailblazing managed services that promises incredible outcomes for businesses.

End-User Support Service

Get an intuitive blend of technological solutions driven by our in-house experts, accelerate processes and motivate individuals, which impeccably impacts the business.


Data Center Services

Besides providing a series of network security services, we assure results in data center management, network infrastructure management, and disaster recovery services.


Cloud Managed Services

Ensure business continuity with our wider range of cloud-managed services and reliable network infrastructure management that attracts great results.


Application Managed Services

Manage, evolve and simplify your application with our core application managed services designed to achieve maximum user satisfaction and profits.


AI and Automation in Managed Services

Increase business agility and promote automation with our innovative AI solutions designed with years of experience and proficiency.


Why Managed Services

Reduction of incidents

Improvement of CSAT

Improvement of TAT

Improved End User Experience

Improved Business Time

Cost Optimization

Technology, Alliances & Framework

IT Service Management

Monitoring & Management

Cloud Management



Patch management

Industry Leading Framework

Team Business Solutions LLC's zero-incident methodology enforces timely detection and remediation of future incidents, which helps organizations to minimize the prevailing risk factors and eliminate the new ones by using the latest technologies and tools, leading to the zero-incident enterprise.

In the case of complex incidents, subject matter experts collaborate to drive the best possible solutions. Stakeholders, along with other heads, are regularly updated about the status of the incident.

To prevail in a digitally transforming world, the technical support providers and the in-house IT teams need to establish a collaborative service approach that seamlessly blends both humans and technology. The shift from “reactive” to “predictive” is massive.

People do their work, processes make this work more efficient, and technology automates those processes. We help enterprises to achieve maximum organizational efficiency by balancing the three through effective managed service deliveries and bring complete visibility to people, processes, and tools.

RIM Command Center

We understand that our clients are always looking for ways to reduce their IT expenditures, while improving the quality of service that they provide, and that an end-to-end managed services arrangement may not be the “right” fit for all. Thus, with our flexible RIM offerings


Capability Numbers & Alliances


Years of MS experience


Satisfied clients


Accelerators and Frameworks


Highly experienced Consultants


ITIL certified resources

Why Clients Love To Work With Us

Clients love to work with us because we provide them with

Accessible Top Management

Zero Incident Methodology

Flexibility, Responsiveness

People-focused approach

Process-Based Approach

Passionate workforce

Next-Gen Tools

Assured business availability

Great people practices

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