Whitehat Jr aims to bridge the gap between requirements of the new world and skills of today’s children. They teach fundamentals of coding and algorithms in live 1:1 online classes to children of 6-14 years age by certified teachers. Whitehat Jr had been looking for a platform that could help its 12000+ teachers turn into a unified teaching community. Looking for a collaborative, internal communication platform, they moved to Workplace.

Whitehat Jr used multiple unofficial applications to communicate and train its teachers

The Whitehat Jr teacher community was branched into mentors and mentees, each mentor had to supervise nearly 4-5 mentees. They had been using multiple platforms such as Slack, Basecamp and Whatsapp to communicate. The mentors used to create Clans on whatsapp to conduct training programs for their respective mentees. However, the Whitehat Jr admins had no clarity and control on the activities conducted within the clan. Moreover, the use of multiple applications was troublesome to manage and increased costs.

Turning 12000+ teachers into a unified teaching community with Workplace

Today, Whitehat Jr. is leveraging Workplace with 4500 active users everyday and a total of 13000 users. They have converted their unofficial whatsapp clans to 1800+ Workplace groups to train teachers. Mentors now conduct activities like Business reviews, Recognitions and Connects via these groups, giving easy access to the teachers and Whitehat Jr. admins both. Workplace has helped Whitehat Jr. remove all obsolete applications and reduce costs by 80%, enabling the dispersed teacher community to create a unified fraternity all together.

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