Deep dive into your business and analytics goals to develop an analytics strategy tailored to your needs.

Data Preparation &


Integrate, model and crunch your data no matter the data source or quality. Get Dashboards with visually pleasing user interfaces and charts for your most important KPIs.



From adding a layer of security and governance to distribution through automated emails, embedded dashboards, mobile apps or chatbots, we’ve done it all for our clients.

Adoption &


Your BI solution is useful only when your business embraces it. Run specialized adoption programs built to kickstart and sustain the use of analytics within your organization. Ensure optimum performance with our support and maintenance services.



The Institute of Business Intelligence addresses the analytics training needs of organizations that want to have end to end control of their analytics and for individuals looking to pursue a career in analytics.

Use Cases

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Supply Chain Strategy

Track delivery of raw material and finished products from one plant to another, one department to another, plant to warehouse and from warehouse to customer. Reduce the supply chain cycle time.

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Operational Cost Dashboard

Roll up all department costs including distribution costs, procurement costs, warehousing costs, transportation costs, and manufacturing costs. Arrive at critical KPI's like cost of goods sold, cost per unit, or cost per kilogram.

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Wastage/Rejection Analysis

Analysis of wastage and rejection at various levels like supplier, assembly line process, quality parameter, nature of defect and frequency of rejection. Administer tight controls on costs.

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Inventory/Supply Variability Dashboard

Monitor total inventory, inventory turns, obsolete inventory, working inventory, and non-working inventory. Increase conformance to lead times and promise dates.

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Spare Part pricing

Strategic analytics to determine the pricing of spare parts and margin distribution across the entire value chain. Increase Spare Part penetration and expand profitability.


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