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Multi Brand / Technology Hardware Support
Technology Driven Field Support and Governance
Pre-scheduled Preventive Maintenance Programs

From Interiors of Manipur to high up in Leh, we are there everywhere.

Uber-ized Field Support

What if logging a ticket was as simple as booking an Uber? At Team Computers, We have actually made it that simple. Watch the video.

Regional Testing and Repair Centers

Regional Testing and Repair Centers

All our Testing and Repair centers, spread across all regions, are managed by asset certified and regularly trained people.

Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai | Chennai | Bengaluru

Tech @ Spare Hubs

We have brought down ETA of our spare deliveries by a great margin, by equipping all our spare hubs with technology to identify the logistics provider who can reach your location in the shortest possible time.

24*7 Customer Support

Our Customer Care Center in New Delhi, operational 24*7:

  • Centrally logs & manages complaints from across India
  • Offers toll free Support
  • Manages 450 calls per day

Preventive Maintenance:

Project Governance App

To ensure 100% governance of promises made to you, we have created an application that also delivers single version of truth between you and us:

  • Automatically assigns scheduled activities to engineers
  • Ensures a detailed checklist is followed for every activity
  • Image requirement from engineer to track every activity

Creating Record Breaking Stories

Preventive Maintenance Activity

Customer uggled to achieve 100% coverage & data accuracy several times but failed. But we did it!

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Ravi Dutt Sharma

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