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Team Computers’ data center management services and solutions have revolutionized the way technical and IT issues are being managed. With our Proactive and Predictive approach, we’ve made running your businesses smoother than ever.

Key Issues faced by our clients

Unavailability of skilled resources in all shifts.

Lack of the right processes

Lack of proactive monitoring

Separate contracts for applications, infrastructure, links, middleware, AMC, BMS

Infrastructure design

Our Unrivalled Expertise In Data Center Services


Data Center Management

  • With 24x7 proactive monitoring
  • OS monitoring and management
  • Storage, backup, and restore management
  • Infrastructure performance and capacity management
  • Patch management
  • Virtualization administration

Network and Security Service Management

  • Network monitoring and management
  • Security device management
  • Manage access policies and threats remediation
  • Monitor, manage, and control configuration aspects of network devices, router, switches Etc.
  • Bandwidth monitoring and analysis
  • Maintain security updates compliance

Cloud Infrastructure Management

  • 24x7 monitoring and administration
  • Compute OS and DB management
  • Resource optimization
  • VPN and firewall management
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Storage, backups, restore, and site recovery management
  • Hybrid cloud management
  • Audit and compliance

Database Management

  • Database monitoring
  • Automation of capacity management
  • User/schema management
  • Performance management
  • Implementation of cluster and high availability solutions
  • Implementing replication
  • Database restore and backup
  • Database optimisation

Step Into The Future Of IT With Our Automation Framework

We believe that Data Center solutions need to be both proactive and predictive to be able to aid better in decision-making. We continuously gather data, filter and analyze large amounts of data to prevent the recurrence of issues, and avoid loss of productivity due to downtime.

Benefits You Get With Our Proactive And Predictive Approach

Empowered To Make Better Decisions Predictive analysis utilizes big data to empower the company to make better, stronger decisions.
More Effective Budget Planning Predicting future outcomes makes it easier to plan and allocate finances.
Reduced Expenses Preventive measures taken for predictable issues cuts down on risks and expenses.
Cut Out Downtime Losses In Productivity Identify challenges before they affect productivity.
Faster Deliverables Reduced downtime and increased productivity means that your timelines are always on track.
Improve Customer Loyalty With Unmatched Efficiency We help you focus on your core business by mitigating risks before they happen, improving business efficiency, and keeping your clients happy.

Why Team Computers Data Managed Services

Business First

  • Beyond IT-link operational metrics to business KPI
  • Establishment of support for critical business events
  • Ensuring the reliability of IT infrastructure to support continuous business operation

Converged Operations

  • One-touch resolution.
  • Single point of ownership for all incidents across computers, network, security, storage, backup, cloud, and database.
  • Cross-functional teams to enable faster response.

Automation Based Efficiency

  • Identification of candidates for automation and elimination
  • Guided operations and Runbook automation.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Intelligent rule-based dynamic workflow.

Cloud-Like Experience

  • Automated provision of services
  • Noiseless monitoring and infra housekeeping without impacting business operations.
  • Rapid de-provisioning
  • Real-time dashboards

Latest Tools At Your Disposal

  • State of the art RIM Command Centre
  • ITSM
  • NMS
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Automation Technology

Process Centered Approach

  • ITIL and ISO approved processed for service delivery

Flexible & Responsive Approach

  • Zero incidence methodology